North America’s LargestInstallation Resource Company.

Providing Technical Resources & Solutions to the Supply Chain Industry.

Skilled and Technical Availability is at an All-Time Low.

We overcome this by being more than just a staffing company. We train, manage and empower people of all skill and experience levels.


20+ years in the industry


Experienced technicians


Reduced turnover


Revolutionary insight

An Effective Process, Refined Over 20 Years.

As the largest mechanical installation company in North America, IMI deploys robust and skilled technician teams that have the capacity to deliver all-inclusive installation and service expectations.

Fully trained and prepared for work, IMI technicians service a full range of material handling automation technologies.


Why Should You Care?

IMI is tackling one of the largest skilled trades gaps in history.

Here are some of our major clients.

Serving big or small, Fortune 500 to modest. IMI is proudly providing for some of the most progressive companies in the world.

Major End-Users:
By way of our Partnered Integrators:
Bastian Solutions
Beumer Group

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