Headhunting is Obsolete: Here’s why.

Your company’s success ultimately comes down to the quality of your employees. Everyone wants the best, and most headhunters will eagerly promise to deliver.

You can either consider that the cost of doing business, or you can ask yourself a difficult question: Why does our company have to outsource a pricey headhunter when thousands of qualified employees are banging at the doors of Google, EY, Salesforce, Acuity, and KPMG?

The answer to this question might sound complicated, but I assure you, it’s not rocket science. Visit your company’s website and social media channels. What type of culture does your company project? How does it make you feel? Is your content fresh and engaging, or outdated and boring? Would you be excited about working there?

Today’s executive wants to be proud of the company they work for. They’re looking for a more in-depth connection to their workplace, to be part of a team that cares about deliverables, and also about each other. No one wants to waste most of their waking lives pushing paper in a cubicle farm, and no employee wants to feel like they are a very tiny cog in a massive corporate machine.

Millennials take a lot of flak because they prioritize making a difference and doing work that matters over a fat paycheque. These new motivators have wreaked havoc on government departments and other bureaucratic organizations that either don’t know how (or have traditionally been unwilling) to adapt to the needs of today’s workforce.

The fall-out from this is three-fold. Companies that don’t appeal to the priorities of today’s employees: 1) Don’t get the best talent; 2) Are forced to invest significant amounts of money into recruiting (or hiring a company to do it for them) and; 3) Never actually solve the initial problem of attracting great talent.

Great companies become great by investing in their brand and workplace culture; they concentrate their efforts on designing a world-class lure, attracting exceptional candidates instead of “hunting” them down.

By investing in your brand and workplace culture, your existing employees become your best recruiters. It doesn’t matter what your company does, or what it sells; it could be buttons, doorstops, or jellybeans. What matters is your culture, your brand, and how you market that to the outside world. Once you understand and implement that, you’ll never have a problem attracting exceptional talent again.


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