My top five takeaways from Inbound Conference

INBOUND is an amazing experience. If you work in Marketing, I highly suggest you go (or try to convince your boss to send you there). You and your team have the potential to learn SO much about many different valuable business practices and ideas. You get the opportunity to network with thousands of marketers and business owners alike, learn new techniques in Hubspot or for everyday work, and introduce yourself to many awesome companies that, not only improve your business’s marketing but are also able to integrate into Hubspot.

I signed up for many sessions and talks. Too many. Some of which, I admit, were missed because lunch is important, and they had AWESOME food trucks. In the talks and sessions that I did attend, I learned a lot. The list of what I learned could go on forever and would make for a very long and probably boring blog post. So here are my top 5 takeaways from the INBOUND conference that stood out the most:

  1. Be Memorable

Be unique, but with purpose. Anyone can come up with anything, but your brand is a reflection of your values, your creativity and your purpose in society. What do you offer that is special? Create an experience for people when they come in contact with your brand – an experience they won’t forget.

  1. Video Changes Everything

The world is changing – fast – and that means so does your marketing. People are bored of static images and text; people are also constantly bombarded with ads. Put those two together and that means people are intrinsically avoiding your images, text, and ads. Video gives a more human impact while conveying your message – people like videos because it’s less work for their brain which feels like entertainment.

  1. Network

Like Buckley’s, we all hate it – but it works. Cold calls (pun not intended) and emails are not enough. If you truly want to expand your reach, you need to network. Word of mouth is still your brand’s best marketing tool – and you’re part of it.

  1. Failure Leads to Success

We’ve all heard “If at first you don’t succeed, TRY TRY AGAIN”. I never really believed in this statement until working in marketing. The faster you fail, the faster you learn how to do something better. If you are not failing at your job, you’re not working hard enough.

  1. Measure Your Success

Numbers, data, analytics – yuck. Unfortunately, it’s the only way to know if what you’ve been doing is working. Know exactly how well you’ve achieved a goal. What worked? What didn’t work? When you study your work’s data, you can see what needs improvement and what’s working – use it.


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