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Leveraging the Power of AI

They offer a ton of benefits as it relates to streamlining processes and deliverables. But up until now, one of the biggest industries in the world hasn’t appeared to hop on the AI bandwagon to the same extent. Specifically, human resources. This is about to change in a big way, however.

According to Forbes, up until now, the majority of automation in the world of HR has been in the form of chatbots. These bots are mostly there to answer basic questions from workers, such as whether they’re off on a civic holiday or coverage with benefits. Chatbots are only as good as they’re programmed though – they aren’t able to learn or discern based on data and information they receive. Since the interactions they’re having are so personal, and with the questions being so wide-ranging, it’s difficult to imagine having an actual AI bot dealing with a workforce.

But, IMI has decided to take on that challenge! Rhonda, while still in her infancy, is ready to begin communicating directly with a workforce spread across the globe while providing real-time data to a recruiter; essentially bridging the gap between recruiting, HR, management, and worker. Here are some of the ways you can expect to see Rhonda and the  in action:


Predicts and completes tasks without user input. Rhonda can complete thousands of tasks at the same time, for any number of people.

Performance Management:

Provides daily information about employee and supervisor performance, training, and safety based on a daily check-in and rating system.


Zoom out to look at the overall productivity of your workforce and equipment and pinpoint areas of processes that are performing below acceptable levels.

ROI + Trackability:

Displays data in ways your managers can use it. The more you know, the higher your ROI.


Gathers, analyzes and effectively uses large amounts of real-time data to strengthen your level of service.


Tracks employee certification and notifies employer before certifications expire.

As this valuable data begins to flow in, real-time metrics begin to form for management. Recruiters and managers can access this information and ultimately improve employee performance as a result.

Acquiring talent is difficult, to say the least, like herding cats. With Rhonda and People+, you won’t have to do any more of the heavy lifting associated with recruiting. In an age of automation and innovation, IMI is set up to disrupt the way human resources functions on a fundamental level. Check the links below to find out more about how that’s going to happen!

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