5 Tips to Get Your Corporate Culture to Connect with Your Employees

Having a recognizable corporate culture is important in building a brand. Shopify, Google, and Zappos Inc. are all great examples of companies that claim some of the most exciting cultures to work for in our generation – all with similar strategies.

The common secret is making employees feel like their part of something bigger – that they are as ever-evolving as the industries they work in. Here are five tips that can better connect your corporate culture with your employees:

1. Recognition is Rewarding

Every day, someone will do something good for your company. So why do most companies only have one employee of the month? Recognition goes a long way with employees – and it costs nothing!  Stop waiting for extraordinary and appreciate the small victories weekly or even daily.

2. The Power of Opportunity

Yes, corporate culture helps grow companies; but if employees don’t feel like they are evolving with the company, they begin feeling outgrown. Everyone wants the opportunity to learn more and do more – they want to see the potential of their ideas to help with the success of the company. Allow your company a budget to help develop your employees’ skills and passions and see the ROI in employee satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Start a Conversation

Employees love to feel included and considered. Open communication is the key to trusting the process. Employees should feel that the culture represents them just as well as it does the company. Ask your employees what means most to them. Use collective ideas to inspire your culture rather than expect your employees to conform.

Collaboration Communication Conversation Coworker Concept

4. Encourage Engagement

Sure, campaigns are useful in the process of collecting data or releasing information, but they can also be a great way to connect with your employees. Run campaigns that give your employees the opportunity to have a voice and incentivize them for having one.

Group of managers listening to one of colleagues explanation

5. Establish a Family-Feel Bond

Sometimes it’s great to give your employees a break from their daily grind. Organize social outings, gatherings, and events to get to know your co-workers and employees outside of their job title. Keep in mind that your employees are often spending more of their week with the people they work with than their actual families.

Culture is defined as “the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.” The key word there is collectively. As we have learned here at IMI, culture is directly related to the behaviours and voices of our employees. At the end of the day, everyone just wants to be themselves. The more they can do that the more originality stems from your culture.

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