Employee of the Week: Brandon Walter, Grand Rapids, MI.

Each week, IMI picks an employee that has shown outstanding work ethic in their field. The chosen employee is awarded with Employee of the week, given a t-shirt as a prize, and then we feature their story on how they came to work for IMI and what they love about what they do with us.

This week we congratulate Brandon Walter, our Training & Support Manager of the Automation Group. He’s been an incredible force in our internal team and because of his hard work, dedication and incredible eye for details – we want to highlight him this week.

Here’s what he told us during our interview: 

What are the most interesting things you’ve learned lately?

I always think it’s really cool to see the technology we work within action. I love when we finish a project and present it to the customer, their reaction to the technology is always great! It’s fun knowing that the technology we use really makes an impact on so many different levels that people don’t even realize.

What’s the best thing about working with IMI?

The IMI family is what really makes this job incredible. We have people from all different walks of life who are able to come together and not only work well with each other, but really enjoy each other and have fun. The nature of our work means that we may not see a co-worker for months on end, yet when we do it’s as if we’ve been working together every day. We know we’re working with a company that truly cares about us and takes pride in what we do and are always excited for what’s to come. That is what makes this job truly amazing.

What are your future goals?

I’m working hard to develop a bigger and stronger training and support department for everyone. As we take on new projects and more people we want to be able to give them all the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in their job. We also want to provide opportunities for people who want to grow and learn new areas of expertise as well as continued growth in their current jobs.

Keep up the incredible work, Brandon! We appreciate your efforts and big vision for the Automation Group! ”




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