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3 Reasons Why Job Seekers Are Abandoning Your Application Process

It would seem that in the age of job search engines like Indeed, Workopolis and Monster, employers would have a plethora of applicants at their beck and call. However, the struggle is not only to attract the right candidates but also to retain them.

In 2015, published a study that found the average interview process in the U.S. is now 22.9 days, nearly double the 12.6 days in 2010. If three in five people abandon the application process prior to completion, you may find yourself with a myriad of unqualified applicants and no legitimate candidates for placement.

  1. The process takes too long

Lengthy forms, resume upload tools, cover letters, questionnaires – there are many ways in which candidates can get lost in the application process. If the perfect candidate is unwilling to wade through the murky waters of a tedious application process, it is important to evaluate the criteria being asked and to simplify the application process so as to not drive them away. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 70 percent of job seekers want the application to be fewer than five pages, and 83 percent want to answer fewer than 15 questions.

  1. Not accessible for applicants

Just as fax machines and pagers changed the workforce’s digital landscape and then faded into antiquity, so too will the personal computer. In the past decade, there has been a distinct shift in Internet traffic from desktop to mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Applicants want and expect streamlined, accessible content across all platforms and devices. It is neither.

  1. Unclear on qualifications

“Experience an asset”, “university degree required”, “bilingualism preferred”. Candidates can get lost in the minutia of employers’ qualification requirements and will often discard an application if they feel they do not meet qualifications at the outset. While some industry and field-specific criteria may be mandatory, it would be prudent for employers to heavily scrutinize hard and fast qualification requirements at the risk of missing out on viable candidates.

IMI is revolutionizing the application process with Rhonda, our AI workforce management platform. With Rhonda, employers can leverage the power of technology to do the heavy lifting of parsing resumes and whittling down applicants based on your desired parameters. A task that might normally take HR days or weeks to process, Rhonda can do overnight. Rhonda can also begin engaging applicants from the moment they hit “Apply Now”. This engagement not only ensures applicants are not lost to a bloated application process but also bestows a sense of importance to the candidates – that they are more than just one email lost in an inbox of a thousand similar resumes.


See how Rhonda can streamline your next hire!

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