No Trick, All Treat. How Celebrating Halloween in the Workplace Increases Productivity!

Halloween is the perfect excuse to engage employees in team building events, festivities, fun, and food. Celebration leads to laughter and laughter not only lengthens lifespans, but it also makes the office a place employees want to be. Here are five reasons why it is necessary to celebrate holidays like Halloween in your organization.

  1. Tradition Builds Morale

Traditions are important in companies just as they are in families. A holiday celebration builds positive morale which results in increased employee motivation.

After a day full of spooky celebrations employees will return to their tasks happier and more productive.

Culture stems from a good morale. Employees love to talk about the good times they have at work and holidays provide you with the chance to give them something positive to talk about your company.

  1. Team Building

A friendly pumpkin carving competition between coworkers is a fun team building activity. Festivities bring staff closer, improving work relationships.

Halloween provides the opportunity for employees to reveal hidden talents. It’s a chance for creative beings to shine. Who knows – your soft-spoken coworker may be a costume enthusiast!

  1. Increase retention

Celebrations greatly boost employee morale, making them feel valued and appreciated. An employee will feel proud about the fact their company holds fun celebrations for holidays such as Halloween. People are less likely to leave a company that shows appreciation, which creates a welcoming work environment.

  1. Assemble Trust

By giving your employees a break shows you trust they can still get their work done. Recognizing your employees’ efforts and rewarding them with a mental break and some Halloween fun assembles confidence within your workforce. You trust them to stay on track and they’ll show you they can.

  1. Decompress

Relieving stress is crucial for productivity. For some, it’s sometimes daunting to wake up every morning to do the same thing every day. Providing your employees with a chance to relieve themselves of the stresses of their job for a couple of hours gives them something to look forward do, something to reset their focus, and time to socialize with the people they spend every day working beside.


Halloween is the perfect non-stat holiday to bring out the best in everyone. Costumes, food, and being elbow-deep in a pumpkin can really bring employees’ spirits up. Give it a try and see how your company flourishes with smiles. Happy Halloween-ing!





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