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Innovation at the Forefront for IMI

IMI Officially Introduces New CEO, Rudi Asseer, and Digital Transformation Plans

OTTAWA, ON., June 18, 2018.  Big changes are on the horizon for IMI – as they announce Rudi Asseer as their new CEO. Formerly serving as President, Asseer is stepping into the role with a mission to expand IMI’s reach and technology focus in concert with the explosive growth of the Supply Chain Industry.  Asseer was the catalyst behind IMI’s launch of Rhonda™, an analytics and engagement software product that provides companies with the ability to manage and optimize their workforce.

An expert in change management, Rudi is steering the IMI ship towards a complete digital transformation. This course was plotted by Rudi’s aggressive strategy to convert the company into an innovation leader. Synchronizing R&D with the continued delivery of technical labor resources, IMI is quickly transforming itself into a technology company.

Commenting on his experience and plans, Rudi Asseer had this to say:

“Having the opportunity to work with a dynamic organization such as IMI has really afforded me the ability to explore some innovative ideas. Implementing a full spectrum of services from Rhonda engaging with your workforce, to providing some of the most skilled technicians to install automation equipment, IMI is positioning itself in a really cool way. Now we can do so much more than just meet our clients’ needs; we can exceed them from all angles. As our clients’ attention continues to narrow on their competitive technologies ala IoT, we will keep pace with their needs for an agile, connected workforce on-demand.

Thanks to Founder, Diana Cuttell’s vision, IMI has grown wildly in their 20-years of providing end users, OEMs and integrators with installation and service technicians. “It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come as a company over the years. It really has been an evolution and I’m confident in the new direction we are going in. IMI needs to adapt as quickly as the industry is in order to keep up, and Rudi’s bold leadership has and will allow us to do so.” Diana explains.

Now, using in-house training programs and innovative technology, such as helmet-mounted vision hardware and the AI advantages of Rhonda IMI is continuing to disrupt the world of material handling and automation. The future remains bright at IMI with Rudi behind the helm as new opportunities continue to emerge thanks to the power behind these transformational changes.

Rudi notes that, “Business leaders throughout North America continue to list ‘finding and retaining qualified technical talent’ as a leading inhibitor to growth. That’s exactly what IMI does expertly, and we welcome the opportunity to engage with new partners and take part in the amazing revolution occurring in the material handling industry.”


About IMI:

Formerly known as IMI Material Handling Logistics, IMI has established itself as one of the leading labor force providers in the Material Handling and technology sectors. As such, they have been providing some of the world’s most progressive companies such as Amazon, Tesla, and FedEx with labor solutions in the form of specialized technicians. In a time when quality technical resources are at an all-time low, IMI has qualified, trained and deployed over 1,000 such technicians serving North American industry today.

Download the official press release here.

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