The Importance of Seeing Past the CV

Nowadays we are so accustomed to following the safe norm of hiring candidates based on education, experience, and skills that directly translate to their positions’ responsibilities. Yet, sometimes the person who is perfect on paper lacks luster in personality and fit with your corporate culture. And often, companies look past candidates who would excel in the position because their checklist of experience doesn’t reflect how great of an asset they could be if they were given a chance.

A company is essentially a group of humans working together in synchronization. If someone doesn’t vibe with the rest, regardless of their qualifications, productivity and morale will plummet.

The human element of the interview process is crucial to making major company decisions. All employees desire for someone to believe in them and to feel that they are more than just their CV, so why not take that approach from the beginning?

Here are a few reasons why seeing past someone’s CV is important for bettering business.

Life Experience Can Translate to Qualifications

In the traditional CV format, experience makes up the focal point: ex. 1 year at their previous company, 2 years at the one before that, etc. It’s expected that most companies base their decision on how suiting their candidates’ previous experience should translate to the job they are currently interviewing for. But try looking deeper into the overall story of how they got to where they are now.

Sometimes overcoming personal challenges can outweigh many professional challenges. Showing good character through tragedies, triumphs, and unfortunate circumstances takes courage, perseverance, and resilience – all qualities that employers are looking for.

Understanding who your employees are makes you a better boss. Don’t chop their personalities down to solely their work experience. But additionally, how they hold themselves in the face of their challenges.

Work with People You Like

Everyone you hire is a face for your company. You want the best personalities representing your brand. If you onboard someone with a poor attitude it reflects negatively on your company and their experience won’t justify their actions.

Make sure when you hire someone, you genuinely like them. Great partnerships and relationships grow from positive interactions.

The Power of Opportunity

Not everyone has had it easy during the hiring process of their career. So often, great candidates are neglected because someone else’s CV outshines theirs.

Sometimes, all a candidate needs is for one person to believe in them. Be the employer that provides an opportunity to succeed and you’ll receive gratitude. An employee is more likely to work hard to prove themselves than they would if they already have previous experience to show for it. Opportunity is the best gift to give and receive – everyone wins.

At the end of the day, we are all humans. We connect with each other and work alongside each other. Where we came from, what we’ve done, shouldn’t outshine who we are. Think about where you would be today without the opportunity you were given. The power is in your hands to do the same for someone else. You want a person who fits with you and your company – not just the role itself.

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