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2018’s Top Disruptors

What a year for technology and business 2018 was! A veritable sundry of cutting-edge products and business models emerged around the world as the need for new solutions arose within every industry. We decided to look into some of 2018’s top disruptors that are here to pave new roads and multiple avenues for growth within our society. Here are our top picks!


LISNR is an advanced, near-ultrasonic, low-power data transmission technology that provides quick, reliable, and secure communication between devices through audio like a speaker or microphone. It’s basically WIFI that runs off of audio waves rather than radio waves. The best part about it? It’s cheaper than debit and credit services – for businesses like retail and restaurants – to make transactions and transfer data.

The transfer of data could be audible or inaudible but uses sound bandwidths to do the deed. This will help businesses that are in remote areas where internet service is close to null… yes, there are still towns that lack the luxury of easy-access WIFI.


Lanzatech is a key proponent to environmental sustainability. This organization has discovered a way to take carbon emissions and ferment it back into gas. Not only will this process help stop the extraction of oil from the earth and all the other environmentally threatening things tied to the process, but it is also recycling current emissions instead of creating more.

We can’t wait to see how this is implemented in today’s society and are surprised no one came up with this sooner. Don’t get me wrong, I love dinosaurs as much as the next person, but I think it’s high time we stop burning their bones for fuel. Don’t you?

IMI – A Global People Company

WARNING: BIAS AHEAD! IMI has done some revolutionary work in the realm of supply chain labor solutions in the past year. Typically, the material handling industry is known to be traditional with marketing methods and building out a culture within the workforce. IMI not only addressed this but went above and beyond in the last year to show people how exciting mechanical installation can really be.

In 2018, IMI ensured all its employees in the field were provided with branded hard hats, shirts, and safety vests, as well as built out a welcome package to gift to every new hire. The skills gap is currently at an all-time high and IMI recognizes retention of employees is the hardest part. So, we’ve built out a strategy to increase attraction and retention through showing appreciation and checking in with employees regularly to ensure they are satisfied. We even opened a training facility hub – a first of its kind – to give employees a chance to grow in their career.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without our software solution; Rhonda (yes, we’ve developed an AI also). Rhonda can communicate to all of our technicians – which is normally close to 1000 – on the field, every week to simply ask how their week went. Rhonda also has pre-screening capabilities to speed up the daunting hiring process. Those are just 2 features of an otherwise robust set of skills we’re excited to show you this year!

C3 IoT

 Save your milk, save the project you’re scrambling to finish last minute, save everything you care about with C3 IoT’s predictive data extraction technology. When you connect to your smart tech belongings such as your smart tv, fridge, security systems, computers, or anything that uses data, C3 IoT extracts the data and can predict when an outage or breakdown is on the horizon. A great technology to not only save your belongings from prolonged outages but to also save yourself from the stress of it all. When you know it’s coming, you can fix things before the milk goes sour or you miss your project due date.

C3 IoT doesn’t only operate within the home, but it also operates with medical equipment, government systems, mechanical systems, pretty much any industry can find a use for this technology.

The list of companies that are focusing bettering the every-day norm is growing exponentially – and it’s refreshing. We as individuals and masses have grown so accustomed to what we are used to regardless of the struggles that come with it. We may refer to these businesses as disruptors but essentially, they are truly solutions.



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