The Skills Gap: Why Trades Jobs are the Hottest on the Market

The skills gap is an ongoing global crisis that seems to only keep getting worse. Companies are facing losses economically because they don’t have enough people to fill the millions of vacant trades positions they need annually. With baby boomers retiring and a large shift in focus towards education rather than training and apprenticeships, the growing skills gap is posing a huge impact on society. The truth is, a career in the trades is one of the most secure career paths someone can pursue.

A job in the trades DOES NOT limit your earning potential

Like any job, you always have the potential to earn more. But with the skills gap as big as it is, it means securing someone to fill a position is important. Companies are starting wages, raises, and overall salaries to entice people to come work for them. On top of that, a skilled professional tradesperson makes a minimum $60,000 a year. More specialized trades can earn six figures easily. Plus, when you become an expert in your field your expertise can lead you to an executive role in larger corporations.

There is always demand for trades jobs

Well, this is a given, as we have said the skills gap leaves millions of unfilled jobs every year. You can start your trades career right out of school with no troubles at all. You can literally have your pick of where you want to work right now. It’s a trades employee’s market right now.

Regardless of how far technology advances, there will always be a need for someone to install it. There is always someone looking for a plumber; there is always someone looking for a mechanic; every day someone is looking for a trades professional to fix something of theirs. A tradesperson is irreplaceable.

You’re always learning, but without long classroom hours

What’s great about the trades is you’re always learning. What’s even better, is you’re learning by doing – and making money doing it. Instead of paying someone to teach you the fundamentals of your chosen trade, they are paying you to perfect your craft. Forget sitting in a classroom and nodding off to a monotone lecture on the theory of bolts and screws, you’ll be experiencing it all hands-on and have something to show for it in the end.

Trades jobs aren’t only for men

Now, this we can’t stress enough – females are just as important in the trades as men. Sure, there are positions that require strength and endurance, but that shouldn’t shy away any strong female willing to do the job. Men and women both offer an asset to the trades industry and the nature of the job should never be marginalized down to gender.

Bypass university debt – because you don’t have to go!

For so long, society has ingrained in our minds that we must go to university to get a good job. In reality, we have millions of kids spending on average $100,000 for a university degree only to hunt for a year to find a job that pays them $45,000 – leaving them with insurmountable debt. With the trades industry, you can completely bypass university and save the money you would have spent for a house and a debt-free future.

In 5 to 10 years, a plumber will be a more lucrative position than a doctor. With all the new and exciting ways of the world like online shopping, megastructures, increase in housing construction, there is endless potential for a job seeker. We just need to show the job seeker that these jobs are just as great as the ones their parents tell them about.

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