12 Gestures You Can Make on Valentine’s Day to Show Employees You Care

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday to navigate inside the office. Some of the happily-married, newly-dating, or in-a-committed-relationship employees are feeling on cloud nine; some of your employees are too busy to think about what day it is, and some of your employees feel down this time of year. So, what can you do on Valentine’s Day that speaks to everyone? We’ve composed some ideas to better connect with your employees and show them you care.

  1. Give Everyone a Card (or if you have time, make one.)

Taking the time to personally reach out to your team is important on a day like Valentine’s Day. Some people are getting that special attention at home, but a card could be the best part about someone’s day. Don’t just sign your name, take a moment and recognize employees individually and share with them something you think they’re great at.

  1. Have an Office “mixer”

Now we aren’t saying you have to stop working for the day. But allowing your employees to mingle is great for morale. Let them wrap up an hour or two early, and either bring some beverages and some last-minute-sale candy to the office or take everyone out for a drink. We’re sure they deserve it.

  1. Give Employee’s a “Free Pass”

Show some love to employees by gifting them a day off to use with their loved ones or for some time to themselves. Time is the best gift of all.

  1. Start Your Meetings with Some Chocolate

A little sugar gets everyone excited. If you have big meetings, lighten up the pressure with some Valentine’s chocolate.

  1. Have a Themed Day

Host a day where everyone wears red, or you don’t even have to surround it around Valentine’s Day. Just giving employees something to look forward to on a day they may possibly be dreading can make the day easier.

  1. Make Them Pancakes

Not everyone will be greeted with breakfast in bed Valentine’s Day morning, but you could greet them with pancakes at their desk. Nothing says productivity more than a happy stomach. If you’re more focused on healthy eating, then bring some fruits and yogurts.

  1. Have a Raffle

Put everyone’s name in a hat and award gifts within your budget. Gifts like a dinner for 2, a day off, a massage, etc. are all really great gifts that everyone will enjoy and appreciate.

  1. Decorate with Love

Imagine, walking into work and seeing an office covered in flyers and notes, thanking you for your hard work. This simple task can put a smile on the face of all employees. Not only is this a terrific way to celebrate a special day, it makes your workforce feel valued and appreciated.

  1. Flower Power

How many staff members do you have on your team? Are a majority of them females? If you answered yes to this question, roses could be your go-to valentine treat. If you show up to the office with enough single roses to hand out to your female staff members, they are certain to be delighted!

  1. Unwind and Relax

Hire a massage therapist to spend the day at your office! Let employees take turns receiving a quick neck massage. Not only will they value this kind gesture, they also have an opportunity to rid of any work or home stress.

  1. Celebrate with Furry Friends

Invite your workforce to bring their dogs into the office for a day! Watch how cheerful your employees are with puppies surrounding them. After all, spending Valentine’s Day with the most loyal species on earth seems very fitting.

  1. Spread Love in Your Community

If you and your staff feel enough love this Valentine’s day, why not spend some time spreading it around your community; hand out free heart shaped treats, visit a senior living facility, or volunteer for an hour at an animal shelter. Spreading love can feel just as good as receiving it. Keep this in mind when deciding how to treat your employees this year.


Happy staff members are harder workers. Not only are you boosting the morale of your staff, but you’re also fostering a more positive and successful team. Why not celebrate the day of love with the people you spend 40 hours a week with?!


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