Celebrating Women in the Workplace

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Not only a day of celebration, this day is also to acknowledge the challenges women continue to face in the quest for gender equity.

There are various ways to honor this special day within the workplace to express your support for all female friends and colleagues.

Here are 4 ideas to celebrate women in the office this International Women’s Day:

  1. Celebrate Unsung Women Champions

Today presents a great opportunity to applaud the efforts of your amazing women employees and coworkers.

When was the last time you celebrated your women champions at work? The women who are silently working away with little recognition?

Today is the day to show them you really care for their expertise and talent. Make them feel proud of themselves and in turn, make your employees feel proud to be working with such great talent.

  1. Equality Breakfast

Call up an inspiring female and ask her to spend her morning in your office. Anyone from a female executive, board member, community leader or retired activist. Have this woman touch upon her struggles as a female, the lengths she has come, and the pride she bears.

Pair this inspiring message with breakfast, as an expression of gratitude to all your female employees.


  1. Highlight Female Employees on Social Media

This is a great opportunity to present your female staff members to the public. Compose a short bio and showcase the role they play in your organization.

Applauding and featuring the contributions and efforts of your female employees, illustrates the support and awareness you and your company place on women’s equality.

  1. Support Women All Year Round

Plan a day during the year for your entire staff to donate their time to a local, national or international organization that supports women and gender equity.

Organize a fundraising event at your workplace for a charity that works with women or works to advance gender equity.

These are great ways to build team morale, receive a break from the office and advocate for gender equality.

The men and women of your office will appreciate the gestures of acknowledgment your company makes to support gender equality.

Take the day to deeply reflect on all that women have achieved and continue to fight for. What would the world be without your powerful female coworkers? Your sister? Your mom?


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