6 Benefits For Women Working in Skilled Trades

Today, women take up 50% of the modern workforce. 2019 presents more opportunity for women than ever before – with equality at the forefront of the employer’s priorities and vision. Yet, even though society has progressed so much when it comes to inclusivity, the skilled trades market is still lacking in diversity of gender – with only 6% of the industry being comprised of women.

There seems to still be a vast number of stereotypes that circulate around skilled trades: women don’t have the strength endurance to do the labor, women will feel uncomfortable around the men in the industry because men dominate the workforce, they dominate the culture… the list goes on. Although some instances may still be true, there is a conscious effort to eliminate stereotypes and issues regarding equality by trades organizations.

Women who are employed in trades and manufacturing have high employee-satisfaction rates. So, let’s look at the reasons why the trades are an excellent choice for a woman and start filling this gender gap.

Skilled Trades Employers Actually Want to Hire More Females

Women who pursue a career in skilled trades are likely to be hired right away. Many employers are aware of the current gender gap that exists in their industry. They are working tirelessly to find ways to show female employees how attractive a job in the trades can be. They will go above and beyond to retain and support female employees.

Stability for Family

The best part of the trades is there is always a demand for workers. If you’re working on a project-to-project basis, there will always be another opportunity when you finish a contract. Skilled trades employees make a stable income which means being able to provide for a family or save up for one. Students can earn while learning rather than putting themselves into debt trying to achieve their career goals. Experienced tradeswomen can make up to six-figure salaries.

Grants for Women in Trades

Across North America, there is such a shortage of female skilled-trades workers in the field, that grants are offered for females to pursue a career in manufacturing, construction, etc. Some of these grants reach up to thousands of dollars. This can put a whole new meaning on earning while learning.

There are Organizations to Support Women in Trades

Women love to support each other. Because women in the trades are scarce, women across the globe connect and support each other by sharing milestones, trials and tribulations, and their experiences in their field. A network of tradeswomen is being formed through groups like “Tradeswomen Inc.” in California, to better support women who are in or are trying to get into the trades. This can really help women feel empowered and worthy in their field and build a welcoming community that most industries don’t have.

Opportunity to Travel

Because trades positions are so lucrative, there are countless opportunities anywhere to work. For the nomad female, this is a great way to see their country – while getting paid to do it!

Be a Role Model

Currently, the perception of women in the trades stems even to our youth. Young females are discouraged from taking shop and mechanic classes in high school because they are still skewed by stereotypes. If their mom or even someone close to them is a skilled trades worker, they will be able to see all the benefits of this career path and it can show them that stereotypes are only a façade. Encouraging young females to take a shop class could inspire more young girls to enter the field and fill the gap – children are our future so let’s service them in following their dreams.


There are countless benefits for females in the field. It’s toxic to the progression of society to keep trades in the 20th-century norms. With so many opportunities in skilled trades, why discourage women from conquering another milestone in the advancement of equality? Join us in the efforts to eliminate stereotypes across the trades and pave way for females in the field.


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