Need to De-Stress?

Are you feeling stressed at home or on the job site? Give these stretches a try to wind down.

Stress can build up over time and start to negatively impact your body and mind. Being stressed can lead to elevated blood pressure, tense muscles, headaches, and poor digestion. You may also suffer from a short temper, have difficulty focusing, or feel constantly fatigued. Taking time to de-stress should significantly improve your stress symptoms and leave you feeling energized and newly focused. Try these stretches to help yourself de-stress:

  1. Neck Circles:

     Sit up tall, keeping your back straight and shoulders relaxed. Circle your head to one side, inhaling deeply as you circle around the back and inhaling through the front of your circle. Circle a couple of times and then switch directions.

    2. Standing Forward Bend:

     Stand with your feet hip distance apart and bend down, folding over your legs. If your hamstrings feel tight, bend your knees. Allow your head and neck to relax, lengthening the spine. Lightly grab on to each elbow and gently swing your body side-to-side to loosen up. Hold for 5-10 deep breaths.

    3. Spinal Twist:

     Lie flat on your back and pull the knees to the chest. Place both arms straight out at shoulder height. Lower the legs to the left all the way to the floor and turn the head to the right. Exhale as you allow your body to relax further into the twist. Repeat lowering the legs to the right and turning the head to the left.

    4. Wall Rest:

     Lie flat on your back and scoot your tailbone as close to the wall as comfortable. Swing both legs into the air, extending them straight and allowing your heels to rest on the wall. Spread your arms out to either side to help stabilize your core, while relaxing your legs and decompressing the spine.

    5. Anxiety Soother:

     Lie on your belly with the forehead resting on the back of the hands. Relax the shoulders away from the ears. Turn the feet out and rest them on the inner edges to open the hips. Breathe deeply into your belly and use each exhale to relax further into the floor.

A good stretch will decrease stress and increase energy. Not only relaxing the body but also the mind and emotions. A relaxed body sends messages to the mind and emotions that “All is well,” creating an overall sense of well-being. Take 5 minutes out of your day to stretch your stress away with some of the previously mentioned moves.

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