9 Time Saving Tips for Spring Cleaning At Home & Work

Spring cleaning is more than just tidying. This seasonal clean up is a proven destressor, mood booster, a form of exercise and productivity advocate all in one.  

To motivate your cleaning spirits, here are 7 brilliant strategies to save you time and effort while purging this time of year 

1. Carry the products on you

Re-purpose an old tool belt or cooking apron. Throw a variety of different products into the pockets and wear it around the house with you while going about your cleaning. It will save you time from having to back and forth to grab the cleaning products you need as you move from task to task. 

2. Pre-treat the microwave

Put 1 cup water and 1 cup vinegar into your microwave for 5-10 minutes. The steam will help loosen built-up grime, making it much easier to clean. Use some sponge or paper towels to wipe down all the inside walls. 

3. Cross rugs off your list

If you’ve been staring at your area rugs dreading cleaning them this spring, then you’re going to love this great news… Area rugs only need to be deep cleaned every 4-5 years! Thank you, next! Although, any spills on them should be spot cleaned immediately. 

4. Stop the clothing storage wars

Your wardrobe is a logical first place to go when spring cleaning. Go through your closet and make a keep, toss and donate pile. Not only will you feel better to tackle the other problem areas of your house, but your significant other will love you more. 

5. Make water marks vanish

Remove water rings from a wood table by blasting the area with a hair dryer on high heat. Wipe the area with a little olive oil when finished to recondition the wood. 

6. Use the top to bottom rule

Always work from top to bottom in a room to make sure that you don’t clean anything more than once.

7. Declutter and tidy each room

The first step to all cleaning should be to declutter each room or area you will be cleaning. Once you only have what you want and need in your home (or out on show at the very least), it’s time for a tidy up. Cleaning will take far less time if there’s less on show.  

8. Workplace safety

Spring cleaning can contribute to a safer environment for employees by creating a space with less risk. Make it a daily ritual to put tools, equipment & other work materials back in their places before leaving for the day. 

9. Take time to purge

Take the time to clean and organize the workspace and dispose of unneeded and unwanted materials this spring for a clean slate.



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