5 Tips to Avoid Your Boss’ Bad Mood

It’s important to remember your boss is human and they can also have a bad day. There is always a series of events leading to a bad mood. If you think back on the last time you got angry, you probably didn’t develop your bad mood out of thin air. Something happened. 

Don’t allow a negative attitude to impact your day, your motivation, or your work productivity and follow these tips: 

1. Don’t walk under the same dark cloud – stay positive:

Emotions can travel from person to person like wildfire. The best way to stop the fire from spreading is by not giving it oxygen. If you arrived at work feeling happy and motivated, picture yourself ending your day the same way. Don’t mimic negative surroundings and stay positive.  

2. Don’t assume it’s about you: 

You shouldn’t be making any assumptions in the workplace, period. Have you ever heard the saying, ”assumptions make an a** out of you and me”? Try and find out the real reason to your boss’ bad mood. If it’s not about you, great! If it is, try and resolve the issue or reassure them you are taking the best steps possible to get there.

3. Avoid the potholes:

Do you know what triggers your boss’ bad mood? Is there a pattern? Maybe it happens before/ after a weekly report is due; or when they get their child’s report card? Find out if you can reduce their stress by completing one of your tasks early. Or, maybe it’s best to keep your distance until they’ve cooled down. 

4. Do something to change it:

Sometimes the best approach is head on. Ask your boss professionally if you can help and take action. You can’t control their emotions, but you have the power to do something to change it. 

5. Use humor:

Laughter can be just as, if not more contagious than a bad attitude. Humor can help lighten the mood or at least get your mind off whatever event caused it in the first place. Although, you need to remember who your audience is and stay professional when telling jokes in the workplace. 

It’s not your imagination. Bosses can display inexplicable, hair-trigger mood swings without warningJust because your boss is grumpy and in a bad mood doesn’t mean you should be in a bad mood too. Hold your head high and conquer all your daily projects, without the negative influence of your manager.  

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