5 Step Plan To Better Mental Health In Your Workplace

The workplace environment has a major impact on everything from happiness and mood to productivity and focus. Employees with great mental strength, created from their environment, enables them to work effectively and efficiently.

Keep reading for some simple strategies both employers and employees can put into immediate action.


Make sure to interact with others at work. Building relationships with your work companions can have a defining impact in your productivity as well as your mental well-being. Click here for more. Workplace culture is also a way to connect from the inside out. We’ve written before about office culture facts to consider – check them out here.

Be Active

Staying active at work, especially in our industry, can boost your self-esteem, help you concentrate and increase productivity.

Take Notice

Working in a supportive team is hugely important for our mental health and can make us feel more valued at work. Encourage others around you, praise a great job and be an active listener. We’ve recently even launched an internal “Excellence Program” that encourages colleagues on every level to nominate others for a job well done. At the end of the year, usually at our annual Christmas bash, we hold an awards ceremony. It’s fun, and creates a friendly competitive spirit amongst peers.

Keep Learning

Learning more on the job will increase your mental strength. It will create a more sense of purpose and direction which may lead to opportunities to further your career.

Time for you

Taking care of yourself is time well invested, so be sure to take advantage of your breaks and time off of work. A change of scene or change of pace is great for mental health.

Ensuring social interaction with others, being active – both mentally and physically, being aware of the world around you and helping others all have a beneficial effect on your overall mental health. Taking a walk on your break, scheduling something special for yourself during the evening/weekends or even taking a little staycation are easy ways to keep your spirits up and take a break from a busy life.

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