4 Material Handling Trends You Need to Know for 2019

Trend #1: The Current workforce is retiring

As skilled conveyor technicians continue to age it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified technicians to fill these vacant job slots. IMI is facing this head-on by creating ongoing regional, national and global recruitment strategies in sourcing the correct skilled and talented employees.

Trend #2: More women continue to join the industry

Traditionally, the material handling industry has been male-dominated but women year after year, are increasingly being hired. They are entering the industry highly engaged, energetic and eager to learn to take on positions of leadership and responsibility.

We’re excited to become a pillar of support to this trend as we roll out our  IMI “Women’s Empowerment Council” (coming soon).

Trend #3: Industry growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon

As online shopping continues to become the norm, and consumers are expecting 2-day or even same day delivery options; companies are racing to create the most efficient material handling processes possible.

Trend #4: Automation & robots are on the horizon

The age of automation and robots has arrived! Business’ are implementing innovative technologies to speed up production to meet consumer demands and keep their costs low. The good news is that these robots will not be replacing technicians. Instead, they create more specialized jobs such as robotics engineers, software developers, technicians, sales engineers, and operators.

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