How to Build Confidence at Work

Building confidence at work can be a difficult, intimidating task to face. A new job prompts new coworkers, new tasks, new managers. This surplus amount of “new” can put your confidence at a standstill. We have come up with 5 strategies to build your confidence in the workplace.

1. Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Unfortunately, many employees fall into a comfortable routine and are afraid to challenge themselves. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can greatly increase productivity, help you build new skills, and teach you the ability to cope with change.

2. Visualize What You Want

Visualization is a powerful tool. It can help you decide what career goals you want, come up with new ideas to increase workflow, and feel more confident in tackling complex projects without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Assess Your Competencies

Remind yourself all the skills you bring to the table, including broader talents that can help your organization succeed. It can give you an understanding of what behaviors you should cultivate at the workplace to be valued and rewarded.

4. Create Your Own Environment

Volunteer to take on responsibilities beyond your role to push your career to the next level. Once your co-workers recognize that you are a problem-solver, they will instill confidence within you, reinforcing your potential.

5. Don’t Be so Critical

As much as we all want to be the perfect employee, mistakes can happen. Do not focus on the one fault you made, but instead acknowledge the several other things you did correctly. Remember to not let errors distract you from the bigger picture. Think positive and focus on everything you do well.

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