How to Stand Out at Work

So, you believe you have a lot to offer your company but feel unnoticed by your coworkers and managers. Sometimes it’s difficult to find your place and worth within your own organization when you’re working with brilliant people who possess an array of specialties and talents. However, it’s critical to never forget your worth and why you were hired. We have a few tips on how to stand out at work and get the most out of your job.

Make Work for Yourself

Showing initiative is a big effort that managers notice. We all are hired to do our job, but going above and beyond is a great way to show your worth at a company. If your workload is slow, then conceptualize and work out new ideas and projects you can keep yourself busy with that benefit your team. For example, if you notice there is a way to simplify or organizes tasks that are already at hand, coming up with an action plan to maximize efficiency would impress any boss.

Treat People the Way You Want to be Treated

If you feel unnoticed, there is a chance someone else or other people do as well. If you want to be recognized and given kudos, do the same for other people you work with. Anything from complimenting their work on their latest project, to their new haircut. Showing others that you care about them will result in reciprocal actions. Maybe even try bringing in treats for your team – not that we are recommending bribes, but when you keep stomachs happy, people generally look to the person who fed them.

Be a “Yes” Person

When new work is brought to the table, always offer to help with whatever you can. Saying yes to work offers more opportunity to show your skillset in different ways. Proving you can handle a lot of work can show you’re reliable and hardworking – and that never goes unnoticed. Now, we don’t want you to overwork yourself, but displaying willingness and eagerness to work gives you credit. When managers are thinking about who would be good for a higher role or a new project, your reliability will be thought about first.

Standing out is something you must do; recognition is the result of the proper actions taken. These are great ways to do something beyond your normal responsibilities that open up doors for your career. Try considering these tips when you feel like you’re falling under the radar. There are only benefits that come from working hard and being kind.

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