3 Ways to Engage with Your Employees

We spend just as much, if not more time around our coworkers than we do our families. Yet sometimes, we are so lost in work we forget about the presence we have around us. Employee engagement is crucial for workplace morale, but it stems from the top. Sometimes with multiple offices, employees forget how big their network really is, so it’s up to you as a leader to promote engagement so everyone feels supported. We have come up with three fundamental strategies to keep your employees engaged.

Social Media

By now, your company has a mix of generations working for you. Each generation has a different social channel that adheres to their demographic. So, make sure you are posting relevant content to them as well as to the native social channel. Younger generations have been gearing their attention towards Instagram, while Gen X is still deep in Facebook. Both generations look towards LinkedIn for their business news and blog topics. So, when you are creating content, make sure it speaks to the demographic. When employees can relate, they absorb more, share with each other, and in turn, you create conversation.

Social Events

It isn’t healthy to be all work and no play. When not occasionally removed from work, employees tend to feel burned out and their only focus is just getting through the day. Try giving employees something to look forward to, such as a small social gathering during work hours, to show that you recognize they have been working hard and need a break. If the weather is nice, have an outdoor event at a beach, if it’s the winter have a snowman building competition. Not only does it allow your employees to feel like their time is respected but it also allows opportunity for team building.


Friendly contests are always a way to reach out to your employees and give back. Campaigns can be utilized for the benefit of you but also to better serve your employees as well. Use surveys to get feedback from your employees to get their opinions on anything from company culture, to what they want to see from you as an employee, to demographic information that can be useful for your marketing and research tactics. Employees are likely to complete surveys when they know something is in it for them.

Surveys don’t even need to be the same focus, hold friendly competitions like creative competitions, or story submissions, anything to open conversation between you and your employees can help your engagement levels. Just remember the circle of giving – find fun prizes to give an extra incentive to employees. Things like a free day off, discount codes to stores, gift cards. It never has to be much but it’s a small gesture for something that can greatly benefit your company.

Corporate culture is something that has become very important in today’s business. The common goal of reducing turnover and increasing retention has been on every company’s radar. When engagement levels are low, it may seem like an impossible task to raise them back up. However, it only takes a few simple gestures for employees to feel noticed and appreciated – in return work becomes a place they like and want to be.

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