How to Get the Most Out of Your Brand – 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re starting a new business, rebranding, and old on, or maintaining a current brand, there is always pressure to make sure you are doing your company justice in the way you portray its face. Sometimes it can be difficult to connect your brand to your audience in the most effective way, but as long as you avoid these three common mistakes, your brand has the potential to succeed.

  1. Having more than one message

The reason why your company does what it does should be consistent and obvious. If you don’t know why you are putting a product or service out to the public, then how are they supposed to know why they should do business with you. Make sure your message is clear, concise, and effective. If your service or product is a tech solution. Let that solution speak to your audience – why it will help them, why they need it. If you try to adhere to different audiences with different messages, you lose them all.

  1. Underspending on Brand Marketing

We know – especially with startups – that it’s hard to see quick return on brand marketing. You have to hire a team, wait for them to develop brand standards, messages, content; and then they share it with the world while you wait and rely on your audience to come to you. It is a lengthy investment, but without brand awareness, there is no audience. Marketing is the key to developing a well-known brand – everything from logos, to taglines, to traditional marketing methods and campaigns. Brand marketing is your messenger to your audience and without it your customers aren’t getting the message you want them to get and the rest of your team has to work in overdrive to compensate for the lack of investment you put into marketing. Do yourself and your business a favor and trust the process of marketing.

  1. Lack of individuality

So many businesses’ first look to be inspired by already successful brands and try to build a similar structure. Yet often they are using their competitor as inspiration to drive their brand or mimicking a branding structure from a business with a completely different audience base. Your brand’s first focus should be on your own consumers, clients, customers, and employees. Ask yourself “What is it about my business that makes it the best to work with, work for, and buy from.” Forget about comparing. Forget about what’s been done before, and figure out what hasn’t been done and that’s where you find your key to success.

Two years ago, we decided we needed a major rebrand of our company. At the time we didn’t have a marketing team or a clear brand at all. We took a step back and looked at IMI from a different perspective and asked ourselves why we do what we do and how do we show that. The central reason for everything was care.

After hiring a marketing team, we strategized ways to show our employees and our clients we care about them. Two years later our operations and brand have changed drastically. Our dedication to the retention and growth of our technicians, attraction of clients who share in our mission and vision, and our branded culture has significantly proven to increase sentiment and satisfaction.


Building out a brand is a lengthy process. It takes a great deal of creativity and awareness of your company values. As long as you trust in your team to align the brand with the reason your business exists in the first place, there is no failing. Representation is everything.

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