How to Promote Effective Employee Communication – and Follow Through with It

We all want to be able communicate what’s on our minds to our coworkers, but it doesn’t always happen in the healthiest way. As an employer and an employee, it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the office is a space people feel comfortable going to every day. The way we communicate with each other should be positive in all directions. Here’s a few ways to better promote effective communication.

 Consider the Other

The old golden rule to treat others how you want to be treated never fades with time. As we grow older, we develop our own methods of communicating with others that work for us. But often we tend to forget what works for other people. Whether it be working together on a project, a casual conversation, or a review, always consider the other before speaking. How you absorb information or critique could be worlds different than someone else. When you are communicating with them, see where their head is at before unloading on them.

Team Building Activities

Being able to work together effectively stems from actually working together.  Every month you should be either working on a project collectively or doing something outside of your daily responsibilities to strengthen your bonds with your teammates. You can see apparent pain points or strengths when you actually spend time working with your team.

Avoid Orders, Open Conversation

Nobody wants to feel like their time isn’t appreciated. Being ordered to do something makes employees feel that their time already being spent on their daily responsibilities is not valued. Instead, if there is a project that needs attention to, open up a conversation about it. Where they are at with their workload, what they could offer, how you can assist. This way everyone gets clarity on realistic timelines and has their needs met.

Following Through with A Positive Communication Strategy

Leading by example is the first step to promoting effective employee communication. If you don’t practice and promote positive and open communication, your coworkers and/or employees won’t either. When you talk about your life, talk about it in a positive way, when you critique, be sure to say something positive before and after to cushion the criticism. When there is an issue, resolve it. Everyone wants to leave work at the end of the day happy, so be the person that clears negative air.

Promoting effective employee communication can drastically enhance workplace culture and productivity. When everyone feels heard and no one is left feeling offended, that is when you have succeeded.

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