Top 10 Soft Skills that Look Good On and Off the Resume

We talk a lot about qualities employers look for in applicants, personality traits, preparedness, presentability. But there are personal skills that look good on you that also work for your resume. Now that LinkedIn has the tagging ability that includes endorsed skills, employers are looking above hard skills and seeing what soft skills candidates have to offer a company beyond their daily responsibilities. Here are our top 10, ask yourself the following questions when determining if you possess these skills.

Time Management

How well are you able to manage your time, meet deadlines, juggle multiple projects, and prioritize?

Conflict Management

How do handle conflict – are you a great mediator or do you let your emotions and bias interfere with dealing with confrontation?


Can you hold conversations? When you have an idea or a problem do you speak up? When you speak, is it clear and confident?

Stress Management

Can you still perform your daily duties when you’re under stress? Can you keep composed or do you take your stress out on others?

Adaptability to Change

Can you keep up with a fast-paced environment? Can you adapt to new technologies, policies, procedures, quickly?


Are you imaginative or direct when speaking your truth? Both work well in their own respected ways, do you know the right time to share your stories?

Organization Skills

Can you stay on track with minimal supervision? Are you timely and prepared for what is asked of you?

Personal Productivity

What motivates you to do well in your career? Can you keep yourself busy?

Emotional Intelligence

Do you know the appropriate time for humor? Are you wise beyond your years? Or do you find you’re easily thrown off by new challenges?

Cultural Contribution

What can you bring to the table to make the office or working environment an enjoyable place?

Two young office managers sitting by their workplaces and watching broadcast or presentation

All of these soft skills really bode well while interviewing, but also on your resume. If you have examples of times you have had to use these soft skills, then include that. Employees like to understand what you can bring to the table as a person. If you feel that you don’t have some of these soft-skills, answer the mentioned questions and find where you can improve so you can confidently say you offer all of our top 10 soft skills.

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