Top 5 Elements of a Strong Company Culture

Company culture doesn’t just develop at the snap of some fingers. It’s a process that takes businesses years to restructure or advance, yet it’s so important for a company’s identity in their respected industries. Company culture is what sets the bar for competition, while ultimately striving for employee satisfaction. But what elements are truly necessary when creating a company culture? These are our top 5.

Values and Mission Statement

Every company should have and know their values or mission statement. Some companies like Zappos have a list of core values that runs through every action the company makes. Values should reflect your mission statement. If your mission statement is to deliver out-of-the-box thinking through your services, then what values should your employees think about when they are doing their job?


Everyone in the company should share similar values, through the way they treat each other, the way they work together, and the way they value their work. When hiring for new positions, look for candidates that you know will both get the job done right but who will also get along with their colleagues.

Host events – small and big – share moments outside of the office with employees. Celebrate birthdays, small and big wins, and have fun. Company culture isn’t only created through work, it’s created by the people who make up the company.


Happy employees and a positive culture come when employees don’t feel overworked or under-appreciated. Ensure you have initiatives in place to care for your employees – benefits, respective pay, incentives, etc. Show interest in your employee’s health, their family, their life, and they will feel cared for and return the same energy.

Growth and Learning

No one ever wants to feel stuck. A company can’t grow if their employees don’t with them. Promote and encourage a commitment to learning. Send around articles, offer courses or budget for your employees to develop their career within the company. Retention is achieved when employees feel there is a constant opportunity.


This is so important. All of the previous elements mean nothing if you’re not consistent with them. Every step made should be forward not backward. If you hold a yearly Christmas event, don’t pull it one year, if you claim to be flexible, stay flexible. Company culture falls apart when its constantly being played with. Everything you do that makes a positive impact, pay attention and keep doing it.

Corporate culture is what attracts good employees. Everyone wants to work in a positive environment – and when they do – they hold on to it and work harder to keep it. The development of corporate culture comes from satisfied employees. As we said, it can take years, but as long as you keep taking steps forward, culture can only flourish.

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