People of IMI: Our Digital Marketing Manager

Brendan Lowry is IMI‘s Digital Marketing Manager. He has been with us for two and a half years, helping cultivate our brand and culture. His focus is on the strategic direction of the marketing team and the organization’s marketing scope. With that, he’s developed a lot of insight and experience when it comes to marketing within the material handling industry.

Brendan was brought on as a Marketing Associate with a focus on channel management. He was given creative freedom to explore new processes and opportunities to drive engagement. With a need for marketing CRM, Brendan helped implement HubSpot for marketing automation and to track engagement across our channels.

Brendan’s assistance in the introduction of social media, lead to an increase in lead generation via the use of these “new-age” channels. This opened up avenues for new campaign ideas, creating brand awareness.

A few years ago, IMI had no marketing department. When we established a team, the first order of business was creating a brand standard to be adhered to. We recognized that the industry we are in seriously undervalues marketing, so we took advantage. Now, IMI’s culture and brand don’t go unnoticed – we are the company that gives back.

Brendan became the Digital Marketing Manager in April of 2018. Since then, he continues to work as an experience disruptor by creating engaging content for both our employees and candidates, processes that help align our departments, and the utilization of marketing technology to help drive the consumer experience.

We are really glad that he didn’t pursue a career in paleontology or biology because he’s pretty great at what he does.

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