Engaging Your Company Culture Through Kindness

This holiday season we decided to round off the year with a strong culture-building initiative. We’re arming each and every one of our employees with an unlimited amount of kindness. Their mission: TO DO GOOD.

The philosophy behind this is to send a company-wide message that making an impact in the community is important and that we not only support this initiative but encourage it. Why? Because that’s the kind of culture we are cultivating.

Many organizations take part in this initiative, but it’s important to make it your own. The idea is to spend 5 days straight focusing on making an impact through Random Acts of Kindness.

The important part is that our people go out into the world with a spirit of KINDNESS and make it their mission to make others smile. Even small gestures can produce unforgettable impacts and start a snowball effect that could touch many more people in the community!

Here’s how it works:


1. Schedule It In. 

Designate your date(s). You can pick any time of year, multiple times a year, a month, week or day-long initiative. It’s up to you. We chose the week before our company holiday begins (Dec 16-20th) because we wanted to end the year on a high note. The key here is to schedule it in as many times per year as you’d like.


2. Communicate.

Using the channels that are most successful within your organization, (for us, it’s by text message or email) communicate your objective, include the rules and be clear on the intent. It might be helpful to design and hang posters around your workplace, promoting the event or even create a landing page on your website where all of the information can be referenced.


3. Make A Plan.

The first step to being successful is making sure your people have a PLAN. Encourage employees to take some time to make a list (and check it twice) for the random acts of kindness they want to participate in. We all know what happens when you go to the grocery store without a list…Let’s not make that mistake again.


4. Set Them Up For Success.

Here’s a chance to arm your people with a list of ideas to choose from! Here is a glimpse of our list, hopefully, it sparks some inspiration:

  • Pay For Someone’s Groceries.
  • Give Someone A Ride Home.
  • Go Through A Drive-Through And Pay For The Person Behind You.
  • Carry Someone’s Groceries To Their Car.
  • Buy A Meal For Someone In Need.
  • Leave Kindness Notes Around The City For Random People To Find.
  • Bring Some Toys To A Children’s Hospital.
  • Shovel Your Neighbors Driveway.
  • Order A Superhero/Princess Visit To A Children’s Hospital.
  • Donate Your Time To A Food Bank/Shelter.
  • Give A Stranger A Compliment.
  • Have A LinkedIn Account? Give Someone A Recommendation Or Compliment.
  • Do a Grocery Haul/Donation To The Local Shelter, Food Bank Or Equivalent.
  • Pick Up Litter.
  • Donate To The Salvation Army.
  • Call Someone You Care About To Tell Them You Love Them.
  • Donate To An Animal Sanctuary.
  • Bring Treats Or Spend Time At A Retirement Residence.
  • Pay For Someone’s Meal At A Restaurant.
  • Donate Gifts To Children’s Aid Society.
  • Write A Letter To Someone Who Made A Difference In Your Life.
  • Donate Treats/Gifts/Supplies To A School Classroom.
  • Handout Hot Chocolate On The Street / Make A Hot Chocolate Stand.
  • Donate To The Local Snowsuit Fund.
  • Give Money/Meals/Warm Clothing/Your Choice Items To The Homeless.


5. Communicate.

At the end of the week, it’s time to share and celebrate your experiences. Choose a comfortable, inclusive setting – whether it’s in your office over a potluck lunch or a reservation at your local watering hole. Breaking bread and swapping stories as a group will forge a bonding experience like no other.

If your organization feels compelled to, you can decide to do a surprise donation on behalf of the group to a charity of your choice as the icing on the cake!


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