Engaging Your Workforce Through Seasonal Campaigns

One of the top forever-goals that every successful organization should have is regularly engaging their workforce. Top leaders understand that by focusing on consistently delivering creative campaigns that engage with employees on every level, will inadvertently auto-foster the corporate culture.

Amongst many other initiatives, we love to amp-up our culture through seasonal campaigning.

Earlier this year we launched our own e-commerce shop that is mostly dedicated to engaging and rewarding our workforce. We leverage its power by regularly dropping new, limited-edition designs that test high with our demographic; and tying each drop with a giveaway campaign.


This season, we designed a holiday-themed work shirt and tied it into a “Safety Grinch” Choose Your Own Adventure game. The announcement (and engagement) was done through our in-house AI, but it can certainly be done through any communication channel.

Choose the best platform that has shown the best engagement rate within your organization. You probably don’t want to start testing different ones for the first time.

Our workforce was sent to a themed landing page where employees entered their information which automatically triggered the game to begin right on their smartphone.

The top scorers will be pooled and 5 winners will be drawn to receive their shirts.

It’s a simple but highly engaging initiative that is always a huge hit!

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