How To Match Corporate Culture To The Brand

If you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about, and strategizing on brand and culture like me, it’s understandable if you’re wondering why matching the two is even important.

When you boil it down, one of the top objectives of defining your corporate culture is to create an internal agreement with every employee in your organization; and setting a level of standards by which they conduct themselves. You are creating a COMMUNITY of like-minded, value-driven members.

With this in mind, your brand should not only encompass your logo, corporate colors, and marketing collateral but also your PEOPLE and your VALUES.

Furthermore, it should be engrained at every touchpoint, from your office space to your social feeds. All the while, your brand’s job is to inspire behavior from its “members” thus, creating that culture.


Below are the 4 pillars of culture, and simple ways to match them to your company brand.

Authenticity – Core Values

Essentially, culture is driven by values. When the corporate values are authentic, clear and concise, corporate culture can be cultivated.

Haven’t you defined your values yet? Here are the 2 most important factors to consider when deciding:

What is your WHY?
What is the VISION for the company?

(A few quick examples: “Focus on the user and all else will follow” – Google “Customer Obsession” – Amazon, “We build globally, we live locally.” – Uber “Dare to design the future of sport.” – Nike)


Empathy – Leadership

Culture needs to be reflected in the actions of the organizational leaders. This is the key connector and sets the tone for the entire organization. Empathetic leadership is an important piece of the puzzle when building a strong culture.

For example, if one of the brand values is wellness, the leadership team may strategize on offering health and wellness resources, investing in health and wellness events or memberships, and even company messaging that reflects that value through programs and policies. These actions create an empathetic bi-product – a connected feeling of appreciation and care from the organization.


Pride – Experience

Take pride in, and honor your values through the customer and employee experience. If one of your brand values is environmental sustainability, you wouldn’t present an onboarding package full of paper and plastic – rather a paperless electronic onboarding kit with a welcome package full of biodegradable or recyclable goodies.


Community – The “Share”

Demonstrating your values and culture has never been easier than it is now – through online sharing. Posting happy moments, fun events or company initiatives may even spark other organizations to become conscious of their own corporate culture efforts.

Sharing your company culture online can also be an intricate part of your talent acquisition strategy. In effect, you’re creating that community of value-driven members.

If you’d like to share your insights on building and connecting a corporate brand and culture  – please share in the comments below!

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