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IMI People Launches Experiential Software Platform, Rhonda, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Over 20 Years of Managing Human Capital, Results in AI Innovation and Platform to Communicate, Measure, and Improve Company Culture 

Ottawa, CANADA, January 22, 2020 – Ottawa-based human capital and supply chain veteran, IMI People, announces today the availability of experiential software platform, Rhonda, powered by AI that optimizes the connection between an enterprise and its people. 

In this era of low unemployment, the gig economy, a multigenerational and multicultural workforce, employee retention and engagement are paramount to organizational success. Having Rhonda in your corner enables you to connect with your people and harness the data to support the essential KPI’s of culture score and engagement. You can leverage Rhonda’s sentiment data and analytics to improve communication, engage your workforce and predict issues before they escalate,” says IMI’s Vice President of AI Commercialization, Anastasia Valentine. “IMI, Rhonda has been commercialized in a SaaS model to engage, deliver unique insight, measure satisfaction, increase retention and empower companies to improve business performance.” 

Rhonda combines an inviting persona powered by an advanced artificial intelligence engine to provide experiential engagement with on-demand people analytics. Using communication channels that naturally align with the way people work, Rhonda communicates as a valued member of the team to provide the employee with real time information, stay in touch with communities and deliver data for leaders to improve how and when they manage. Using Rhonda, companies can identify the ideal intersection points for the AI-to-Human handoff to ensure that leaders are engaged at the right time and in the most positive way. 

We have had Rhonda on our team for years, interacting with our employees and customers internationally and experienced the value of Rhonda firsthand. With the first platform release of the Rhonda Care module, IMI will bring the same value to every business, whether you are monitoring a workforce, engaging with customers or measuring sentiment for your community members,” says Rudi Asseer, CEO IMI. “Rhonda is your best ally in engagement and measurement at scale.” 

You can find out more information by visiting or engaging at the Canadian Human Resources Professional (HRPA) conference in Toronto from January 22-24th, 2020.  

About IMI
Founded in 1998, IMI is the largest automation installation resource company in North America, delivering technical resources, hardware and technology solutions. Offering hourly and turnkey installation talent and OEM product deployment in fields such as manufacturing, supply chain, automation and robotics, IMI has qualified, trained and deployed thousands of technicians throughout North America and has worked with some of the world’s most progressive Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. For more information, visit 

Founded in 2016, is the Innovation division of IMI People, creating exceptional experiences that improve company culture and performance. Rhonda is a digital persona and artificial intelligence platform designed to engage people the way they communicate and work best, while delivering unique insights using people analytics. As a result, Rhonda empowers professionals to instantly measure organizational culture scores, quickly identify issues and proactively solve problems before they happen. Rhonda is the best asset to any team to create exceptional experiences while improving company culture and performance. To learn more and to meet Rhonda, visit us at  


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