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3 Recruitment Marketing Trends For 2020

With today’s rapidly changing technology, our world has positioned job candidates to expect tremendous customer service. Candidates want to click on the “Apply” button and be connected instantly.

Think of Amazon Prime. Why did Amazon decide to create this “2-day shipping guaranteed” service? Because consumers demanded it. They want to click to buy and have that product in their hand instantly.

In today’s competitive job market – we can’t expect it to be any different for people applying to a job.

Here are some important sourcing trends going into 2020:



Outreach Messaging – Personalization in outreach messaging has been on the rise for years but is even more important going into 2020. To stay ahead of the curb, companies must get creative with their messaging to stand out amongst their competitors and include (at the very least) basic personalization to make candidates feel directly connected to the company. At the same time, monitoring outreach frequency is just as important. Over messaging or worse, under messaging, can affect candidate engagement and you could lose a valuable lead.



Greater Integration – Integration between platforms is necessary to automate any recruitment process and there are plenty of tools available to help bridge those gaps! Yes, this can get expensive but if you chose to integrate the right tools at the right time – the ROI will come back to you. You’ll need to assess what’s most important for the recruitment process and plan your attack.



AI Tools – Repetitive recruiting tasks and even candidate segmentation can be automated by AI software. It can help nurture large numbers of applicants through their candidate journey and release pressure from your recruitment teams internally. If that doesn’t sound like a win, win – I’m not sure what does!

As we’ve labeled 2020 the “Year of Magic” for IMI, our sourcing team is working hard to create that level of experience for our applicants. (Watch out, Disney!)

We are revolutionizing the recruitment process – connecting dots between industry trends and our AI, Rhonda, to automate aspects of our daily operations. Our sourcers are acting as master puppeteers behind the software – keeping both human intelligence and AI synchronized.


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