Building A Sticky Corporate Culture

Corporate culture includes an array of different components. Organizations structure these in a unique way to suit their own specific environment, but key recurring factors usually include Values, Work Environment Structure, Benefits, Engagement, and Communication. Underneath those major factors, are subcultures that every great industry leader should tap into.

As the largest mechanical installation company in North America, we deploy thousands of skilled technician teams globally. One thing we’ve discovered that’s very unique to our industry is sticker culture. Sticker culture can resonate in almost every industry and we sat down to create a shortlist of ways other organizations can benefit.


Here’s how a simple sticker impacts our “People” culture:


Stickers are an easy-to-implement brand identifier. They are diverse because they can literally be used anywhere, in any context. This can also serve as huge cost savings if you compare to what your expense report would look like if ordering custom branded materials for your organization.


Stickers can be used as a badge system to proudly display an individual’s achievements and qualifications. In some cases, these could even play into a company’s safety & security protocols (like these hard hat stickers​).


If your organization holds workspaces in different locations, or hosts events in different area codes, it’s a great way to globalize the company. It’s like when comedians shout out their hometowns, or the city they’re performing in; You hear an uproar from the audience. People love to represent where they’re from or show off where they’ve been.


We use stickers to stand in solidarity with and promote philanthropic causes that we as an organization are involved in. We try to design something new on an annual basis, but the last one we distributed was in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Paying tribute to causes dear to your heart has many benefits, and is a special keepsake for your employees that keeps them looped in, and engaged.

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