How Employee Satisfaction Boosts Performance

Employee satisfaction and happiness are more than a passing trend, today’s standards have made it vital to a company’s overall performance and productivity. We have woven that concept into our corporate value system to place employee satisfaction high on our priority list.

You can see it in every facet of what we do, down to our workspaces – like many present-day companies we have adopted a more relaxed ambiance. Our office space boasts bright orange walls and large floor to ceiling windows; however, we have gone past the aesthetic. Our employees are provided with a reasonably flexible schedule to reduce the stress of commuting and we have an open space that encourages collaboration and a sense of community and inclusion.

These are factors you can easily adapt to any organization, to boost employee satisfaction and happiness. It might sound cliche, but studies have proven that happy employees are more productive and return higher revenues for their organization! Using our own model and experience, we’ve created a list of 3 items that any organization can follow to nurture and improve employee satisfaction.

Employee Engagement – Don’t downplay the importance of face to face meetings, or regular discussions with employees about their concerns, workload or other difficulties. These regularly scheduled meetings can significantly improve their mood and mental health since it shows that the overall organization cares and considers its employees an important part of its growth. Employees that feel valued are more motivated and productive. Keep meetings short and concise to avoid “meeting burnout”, pre-schedule them on a regular basis and address concerns immediately.

Nurture Growth – Employers can nurture growth through training. It’s important to include that into your team’s annual budget. Allowing people to take risks and develop new skills will help them bring a new energy to the team. Encourage your employees to contribute their ideas and to spearhead their passion projects and interests. People love to feel like their work is meaningful and that they are contributing to their company’s growth and purpose.

Encourage Socializing – Human beings are social animals and the importance of forming connections with one another cannot be overstated, this translates over to our work culture as well. Interacting with fellow coworkers and getting to know them better can ease work tensions and boost moods. Ensure to plan regular office activities or optional after-hour events to allow your employees to bond but also to blow off some steam and relax.

If you have any insight regarding how to improve employee satisfaction or if you would like to share your organization’s approach, leave us a comment below!

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