IMI People Launches Scholarship To Empower The Next Generations Of Leaders In Trades

IMI, – the largest installation resource company in North America, announces today, the official launch of its trades school scholarship fund. The “Kirk Mann” Scholarship Fund honors a former Mechanical Installation Manager at Dematic, who tragically passed away earlier last year at the age of 51 due to complications from Leukemia.

“After we unveiled and named one of our facilities – “The Mann Lab” – located at our Grand Rapids headquarters in honor of Kirk Mann, we wanted to commemorate him further. Kirk was a major proponent of skilled trades education. With the help of his family, we created this scholarship fund to assist select students in trades programs with their tuition payments and help address the ongoing skilled trades gap.  This initiative is important to us, as it was to Kirk, because things have drastically changed. The new path to success for young people is now built on the supply chain industry, and we must support and encourage them to achieve that success.”  – says IMI’s Founder, Diana Cuttell.

Cuttell is the founding force behind IMI. Her business acumen and ability to stay ahead of rapidly evolving market trends in the material handling sector has distinguished her as the industry’s most successful female entrepreneur. In addition to her role as Founder, she is an active and passionate philanthropist for social causes.

Through personal experience in recent years, she identified an opportunity to help decrease the shortage of skilled labor workers through funding and awareness and empowering students to explore other viable career paths in the trades.

With a strong presence in Grand Rapids, MI, including corporate offices and an industrial lab and training facility, IMI found a natural fit with the local Grand Rapids Community College – a pillar in the community which serves over 29,500 students annually and whose values align with that of the company and spirit of the Kirk Mann scholarship fund.

“Scholarships help all students focus on their academic and training goals. They are an opportunity to reduce financial obstacles and lower potential college debt. They can be recognition of a job well done, and someone saying, ‘I believe in you.’ Whether they are looking for credits for degrees or transfer or in-demand career skills, every student should apply for scholarships available at schools, community foundations and local businesses that are supporting students to achieve their goals.”  – GRCC Financial Aid Team

Today, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there are 6.8 million job openings. Subsequently, IMI has set its sights on contributing to the solution in narrowing the skilled trades gap.

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Founded in 1998, IMI is the largest installation company in North America, delivering technical resources and solutions to the supply chain industry. Offering turnkey installation talent and OEM product deployment in fields such as manufacturing, supply chain, automation and robotics, IMI has qualified, trained and deployed thousands of technicians throughout North America and has worked with some of the world’s most progressive Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. For more information, visit



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