IMI Employee Benefit Enrollment

IMI is pleased to inform you that it is able to offer a comprehensive benefits program for its employees. After 60 days of employment with IMI, you will be emailed an offer to enroll in health benefits (be sure to check your junk/spam folder as well!). You then have until 90 days from the beginning of your employment to enroll. Details on how to enroll will be included in the emailed benefit offer.

Open enrollment takes place in November, so all employees working with IMI for at least 60 days at that point will be given the option to enroll, cancel, or change their current benefits.

For more information on benefits offered by IMI, take a look at the important document here.

Benefits Manager

Danielle Glazebrook
Workers’ Compensation
& Benefits Manager
o: 1-877-464-4484 x208
m: 716-946-9299

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