Employees of the Week

Featuring some of our finest technicians in the field.

Alexis Hernandez

Apple Valley, CA

Before Alexis joined our crew in Apple Valley, he made a big career change! He was previously a social media marketer; but with one child at home and another on the way, it was a perfect time for him to switch his career into conveyor installation.

"Honestly, I’ve had a great experience so far. Everything is great."

Alexis is focused on building his new skill-set and is working hard to get to the next level of technicians.

"Great work environment. People tend to give you the extra hand when you need it."

We couldn't be happier to have you on the IMI team!
Great work, Alexis!
Jose Lopez

Los Angeles, CA

Before starting with IMI, Jose was a general laborer in construction. One of his friends referred him to IMI and helped kick-start his career in conveyor installation. Jose is originally from Apple Valley, CA and has been with us for nearly 2 years – working and traveling on various job sites throughout the US.

Jose has been recognized for his great work ethic and reliability. He's been broadening his knowledge and learning how to install different types of conveyor systems. More recently, he's enjoyed learning about sorter conveyors.

Keep up the great work, Jose!
Alexis Nava

San Antonio, TX

Alexis has over 6 years of experience in the field.

He loves the fact that he can travel. Alexis has gone as far as working in Manhattan, NY – an experience he really enjoyed.

He enjoys working for IMI because of the great opportunity he's been given to learn and travel and the experience he continues to gain.

Alexis has proven to know his craft very well. Through his time at IMI, he has learned to build his communication skills. He has gained the trust and respect of his crew members, as he has become a go-to for advice and knowledge.

Alexis is working towards a site supervisor position.

Amazing work, Alexis! We are rooting for you!
Issel Martinez

Tucson, AZ

Before working with IMI, Issel served with the US navy for years. When he returned, he started doing internet installations on telecommunications towers nationwide.

Issel joined IMI because he wanted to be apart of something bigger. He has a strong passion for this industry and wants to keep learning everyday. He said the most important thing he's learned on site so far, is the importance of teamwork.

"Having a strong relationship with your team guides you to better results on each task."

Issel's favorite part about finishing a conveyor installation is seeing all his hard work come together. He loves watching the conveyor system run fluidly at the end of an installation.

"It's an incredible experience."

Amazing work Issel! We cannot wait to watch you excel this year!
Timothy Roberts

North Haven, CT

Tim started working for us back in 2013! Before IMI, he lived in North Carolina working as a landscaper and painter. Tim loves going to music festivals, skateboarding and playing disc golf. His brother, Kevin, is a site supervisor and they travel together for work whenever they can. 

Tim really enjoys doing detail work and also has his R8. He is excellent with communicating concerns or safety issues with his peers and coworkers. Safety has always been his biggest thought with every task he's assigned with.

"Never cut corners cause that can affect you or others around you".

Amazing work, Timothy! Happy to have you on the team! 
Yesenia Sanchez

Rialto, CA

Yesenia is originally from California and was previously working for Nike before joining our team! She was referred to us by her father in law and has now been a mechanical conveyor installer for over 7 months!

Yesenia loves traveling to various job locations and being able to meet new people and crew members across the United States. Recently, she has been learning how to wire tilt tray sorters.

Yesenia is working towards her next goal, which is to become a homeowner!

Congrats Yesenia! Keep up the great work!
Jason Sayre

Tucson, AZ

Jason has been working with us since 2016. He first joined our team as a welder but quickly learned the basics of conveyor installation. As Jason grew on site, he started traveling with us around the West Coast. He loves to travel and is always willing to relocate for the right opportunity. 

Recently, Jason's been leading his own crews with us. He hopes that one day soon he'll be able to "put the tools down for good and start supervising" the entire installation team. 

Excellent work, Jason! Keep striving! 
Luis Ovando

Louisville, KY

Luis has been with us for four years now! Since joining our team, he's been able to travel throughout the US, working on different types of conveyor systems. To name a few locations, he's traveled to Michigan, Texas, Virginia, and of course, Louisville, where he's currently located.

Luis has been an exemplary technician on site. His supervisors are thrilled about his progress and work performance. Luis's perfect attendance, initiative, and efficiency are just a few reasons why he was chosen for a leadership role on site. Currently, he's training and leading a crew of 3-4 technicians.

Excellent work Luis!
Oscar Galvan

Apple Valley, CA

Before IMI, Oscar was monitoring conveyor systems in another distribution center. He joined us on our Apple Valley site and was a natural fit for mechanical installation.

One of Oscar's future goals is to become a site supervisor. He is currently training on how to run an entire conveyor system.

Oscar was nominated for our EOTW program because of his great initiative, reliability, and team-first mentality. These reasons and more are why his supervisors have offered him a travel position!

Congratulations, Oscar! Great work!
Denzel Wiggins

Midway, TN

Before Denzel joined our team, he was moving around from temp agency to temp agency doing construction. Denzel was thrilled to join us because of the stable employment we provide.

"Joining IMI has been life changing."

He loves working alongside his IMI crew. The culture on-site made his transition to our company incredibly easy. His crew has been nothing but helpful and he's able to get the training he needs to be successful. 

Keep excelling, Denzel!
Brandon Burge

Fort Worth, TX

Brandon started with us this past September with very little conveyor experience but has quickly learned the ropes of the trade! Brandon has proved be a fast learner. He's open to suggestions and coaching, and has been a dependable technician since day one.

Brandon loves working for IMI because of the travel opportunities! He enjoys experiencing new cities and taking in the local culture. He's enthusiastic to learn about different conveyor systems and hopes to have a well-rounded knowledge of the industry!

Great work Brandon!
David Uribe

Stockton, CA

David came to IMI with little conveyor experience but has quickly stood out on-site! In the short time he's been with us, he's proven to be extremely reliable; he shows initiative on-site and he loves to share new ideas with his management team.

David is always up for a challenge. Currently, he's learning how to install a SL2 sorter and is eager to learn more! He loves working for IMI because we provide him with the support he needs to grow professionally.

Great work, David!
Mark Bloodworth

North Haven, CT

Mark has proven to be one of our most reliable and flexible employees. He is willing to travel and work anywhere! Mark started with us this past year as a Mechanical Conveyor installer and recently received his R8 license!

Mark loves working with us because of the travel opportunities; the freedom and trust management has in his work; the support in his professional development; and because of the great IMI crews he meets along his journey!

Currently, Mark is helping to support his North Haven crew and is training others to pass their R8 exams!

Awesome job Mark! Can't wait to see your accomplishments this year!
Terry Linder

Grandview Heights, OH

After seeing our job ad, Terry decided to join our Fort Worth, TX crew as a Mechanical Conveyor Installer. Since his first placement, he's traveled and worked on 6 different sites in his first year!

Terry is working hard to expand his skills and grow. Thanks to his determination and the on-site training provided, he's started to learn how to weld!

Way to go Terry! It's only up from here!
Cesar Moreno

Los Angeles, CA

Cesar Moreno started with us as a Racking Installer. He has proven to be one of our exemplary employees on-site as he loves to exceed expectations! From racking, he moved on to conveyor installations and has been doing them for almost a year!

Cesar is very enthusiastic about his job, enjoys showing off his IMI gear, and is excited about future career growth opportunities! He loves working with us because we care and check in with our employees regularly.

Thank you Cesar for all that you do, 2019 is going to be your year!
Rudy Farias

Apple Valley, CA

Nothing says "Employee of the Week" better than not having enough time to get your photo taken! Great action shot!

Rudy started with us in September this year as a Mechanical Conveyor Installer after being referred to us by a close family friend. Rudy loves the hands on learning, his crew and working with our on-site rep! He says it made transitioning to IMI a smooth and easy process for him. 

Way to go Rudy! Keep up the great work! 
Daysi Lopez

Rialto, CA

Daysi had previous experience working at a large Nike distribution warehouse - which made her a perfect candidate when her father referred her to us. Eight months later and she's still shining!

She loves her ability to travel to different sites and meeting new people. She says she's really enjoyed learning new skills - especially the wiring process, and learning how it all connects to make the conveyors run.

Daysi's love of learning, her curious nature, as well as her positive attitude and hard work has really helped her stand out.

We're proud of you! Thank you for being an integral part of our crew! We know your hard work will help you reach your goals and go above and beyond! Looking forward to seeing your growth!

Edmonton, AB

He ain't gonna show up like "Hey guys," he's gonna show up goin "WEOOOOOO" and we're gonna be like "Right. On."
Barry May

Menomonie, WI

Barry started with IMI just over a year ago and says he hasn't looked back since! Before working for IMI, he would need to keep in constant contact with several construction companies to keep his work hours consistent.

Barry started with us as a Mechanical Conveyor Installers and has traveled and worked with us on more than 10 sites just within his first year! Thank you for your dedication and hard work Barry!
Lee Denney

Romulus, MI

Lee started out working with us as an electrician, but when an opportunity came up as a Mechanical Installation Technician he took us up on our offer. Lee was then trained in this new position where he has excelled at his job.

Although he is a great electrician, his willingness to learn new skills and adapt to any situation is highly commendable. He is always willing to travel, and his performance, attendance and attitude make him an excellent asset to our crew!

He speaks highly of IMI and has also referred good hands. When we asked him what his favorite aspects about working with IMI are, he told us that he likes the fact that we take good care of our employees and everyone has been helpful in every way possible.

Keep up the positive attitude and hard work! Those two things make for a recipe for success! We appreciate everything you do!
Melvin Ray

Opa Locka, FL

We informed Melvin about his "employee of the week" nomination and asked him to give us some details about himself. He lit up and said, "I'm a proud husband and father of 3 beautiful kids".

(Now, if that doesn't make you smile, what will?)

He went on to tell us, "I really I enjoy working for IMI because the company really takes care of their employees. Whether it’s financially or the learning experience. You get to travel frequently and see the world while doing a job that you love to do. I am happy to be an IMI employee.”

We are so happy to have you! We truly value your positive outlook and work ethic! Keep it up, we look forward to the great things that lie ahead for you with IMI and beyond!
Juan Carillo

Apple Valley, CA

Juan started working with us 3 years ago after he got noticed for his hard work at another site and was referred to us by another IMI crew member. And we're so glad he decided to join!

Juan's work ethic and willingness to learn new things is what got him chosen for this week's IMI Employee of the Week profile.

When we asked what the best part of working with IMI was, Juan told us it's the comfort of knowing he's in a safe workplace environment, lots of growth opportunities and working with great people.

We appreciate you and your dedication! And we look forward to your growth with IMI!
Brandon Walter

Grand Rapids, MI

Congrats to our Employee of the Week:
Brandon Walter, Grand Rapids, MI

Congratulations to Brandon Walter, our Training & Support Manager of the Automation Group. He's been an incredible force in our internal team and because of his hard work, dedication and incredible eye for details - we want to highlight him this week.

Here's what he told us during our interview:

What are the most interesting things you've learned lately?

I always think it’s really cool to see the technology we work with in action. I love when we finish a project and present it to the customer, their reaction to the technology is always great! It’s fun knowing that the technology we use really makes an impact on so many different levels that people don’t even realize.

What’s the best thing about working with IMI?

The IMI family is what really makes this job incredible. We have people from all different walks of life who are able to come together and not only work well with each other, but really enjoy each other and have fun. The nature of our work means that we may not see a coworker for months on end, yet when we do it’s as if we’ve been working together every day. We know we’re working with a company that truly cares about us and takes pride in what we do and are always excited for what’s to come. That is what makes this job truly amazing.

What are your future goals?

I’m working hard to develop a bigger and stronger training and support department for everyone. As we take on new projects and more people we want to be able to give them all the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in their job. We also want to provide opportunities for people who want to grow and learn new areas of expertise as well as continued growth in their current jobs.

Keep up the incredible work, Brandon! We appreciate your efforts and big vision for the Automation Group!
Samantha Soliz

Apple Valley, CA

Samantha is a California girl through and through. She applied through an ad on Indeed for an opening at the California office and was soon hired on, as it seemed like she would be a great fit.

Our intuition was right, as Samantha fits our team like a glove! She is IMI's new administrator in Apple Valley, CA. She's really excited about this position - and it shows! Currently working hard on mastering inventory control and taking charge of onboarding, safety and training.

"As long as I am continuing to grow and be challenged, I am happy with IMI and my career with this company."

Thanks, Samantha! We appreciate your talents and look forward to seeing all the positive contributions that you will bring to IMI!

P.S. Samantha's daughter who is in the US Army, has been stationed where Hurricane Florence is making way. Our thoughts are with you and your family!
Kevin Strickland

West Deptford, NJ

Kevin has been working with IMI on different sites for the past 3-4 years now and has definitely grown roots with us over that time. Kevin was originally referred to IMI by his nephew and they now also work alongside his brother-in-law as well.

Kevin tells us what he enjoys most about working with IMI is the on-site camaraderie, traveling and meeting new people from around the world, and the training that he has acquired to build onto his existing skills. He told us during the interview, "I feel that I have vastly improved my knowledge since I started with IMI and my goal is to become a Team Lead."

We are rooting for you, Kevin! Thanks for all of your hard work! We look forward to the great things ahead for you!
Brandi Jewel

Grove City OH

Brandi joined our crew a little over 2 years ago doing Admin work. Now, she has slowly grown and expanded her knowledge by spending time with Safety Manager Anna Bright, Site Coordinator Albert Garcia and others on site who have helped her to learn more about Safety, OSHA and our Clients requirements with regard to safe site set up.

Brandi is currently working on her OSHA 30 to solidify her grasp on all things safety. She helps to manage any injuries, helping with reporting and admin on sites all over the USA.

A couple of weeks ago, our Clients Environment Health, Safety & Sustainability committee did a full-site safety audit and Brandi helped them receive a perfect 100% score. This is unheard of!

Congratulations to Brandi for all her commitment and growth in the last couple years. We received a phone call from another Supervisor on site commending Brandi for all her hard work and organizational skills to help them reach this unbelievable score.

One of IMI’s number one objectives for 2018/2019 is to promote and improve our safety procedures! With the help of people like Brandi, IMI will surely achieve our safety goals!
Daniel Sanchez

Stockton, CA

Daniel Sanchez is a family man and baseball fan who loves to fish on his off-time. Formerly a Foreman for a concrete contractor from Palestine, Texas, Daniel was introduced and referred to IMI through a family member. Now, he's been with us a for 9 months and we are so blessed to have him!

When we asked Daniel what his favorite part about working with IMI was, he shared how much he loves working with new people, learning new skills every day, and having the opportunity to travel across his country. Since he started with us, Daniel has learned to understand the complex drawings and layout of the systems - which is very impressive!

Daniel's future goals surround building his career within the company to eventually earn a leadership position. We believe he has a very bright future ahead with us. His interest in progressing and receiving feedback on how he can improve and evolve his skills is inspiring.

We promise to help you get to where you want to be, Daniel. Thank you for your dedication and hard work! Congratulations on Employee of the Week!
Daniel Escobar

Salt Lake City, UT

Before joining IMI, Daniel worked hard in many other industries: restaurant, hospitality, cleaning and landscaping. He was especially excited when we chose him for “Employee of the Week”, as he told us he has been working in the US for a while now and we are the first company to ever recognize him for his work ethic. He told us he was extremely proud and grateful for the opportunity and couldn’t be happier to work with us.

When we asked him what he likes best about working with IMI, he told us that he really appreciates everyone he works with. He enjoys learning great new skills and assisting in the project planning process. Daniel really aspires to grow with the company as well as travel and work all across the United States.

We're proud of you Daniel! We look forward to seeing you grow in your career with us!
Roshaun Phillip

Dillon, SC

Before joining our crew, Roshaun was experienced in bridge building and rack installation. His hard work and efforts set him apart on his worksite, and he was quickly noticed by a recruiter and referred to IMI for an opportunity. One year later, he is still happily working with us!

When we asked what interests him most about working with IMI, he told us that he enjoys learning all the aspects and challenges of Conveyer Installation, the steady work and opportunities to grow as well as his close communication with his recruiter.

Roshaun is an exemplary team member, as such he has been selected and is training to become a Safety Ambassador. His coworkers and site Supervisor also speak very highly of him.

Fantastic job! We are so proud of you! Your experience, work ethic and hard work is not going unnoticed! Keep it up and we can't wait to watch you grow!
Susan Hahn

Thornton, CO

“I find it interesting at work that no matter where someone is from, that we can always find a way to work together to complete a common goal, and help each other learn new skills. In construction you meet all types of people from all over the country and I’ve learned a lot from them, they’ve helped me grow. Also, how your co-workers become your family when you are out on the road, and how we all look out for each other, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I couldn’t have gotten where I am without my co-workers and friends and they mean the world to me because of that. “

“As for my future, I plan to keep working in construction, keep building on my work skills, travelling the county, making new friends, seeing new places and experiencing all the world has to offer. My greatest joy is travelling and experiencing the world’s beauty with the friends I’ve made along the way on this job. They make it all worth it”.

We love your enthusiasm and hard work, Susan! You have a great spirit and we look forward to watching you grow in your career!
Wanda Hageman

Troutdale, OR

Wanda joined our crew 4 months ago, after her husband started with us and recommended her. She's currently doing installation and cleanup, but is also training to run and use the equipment on site.

Wanda is a people person! She told us she loves working with her crew members, enjoys learning new things and hopes that she may one day be able to train others after mastering her own training.

Wanda's supervisor nominated her for "Employee of the Week" because of her great attitude and strong enthusiasm for learning!

Great job, Wanda! Keep it up - we're all rooting for you!
James Harrison

Palestine, TX

James has been working with IMI since the end of 2015 and has now been full time with us for 1 ½ yrs. James hails from South Georgia and really enjoys the work & travel opportunities that we offer. He loves exploring the area of each project he is on. He told us that his other favorite aspect about working for IMI is the chance he gets to prove himself & become better at his job.

James has worked with several supervisors in the last year. He has been on 4-5 projects with his current site supervisor, Levy Jewell. Levy praises James for being a hard worker with a great attitude and is currently training him to be a lead.

We love to see the progress of our IMI crew members! Keep up the fantastic job! We look forward to hearing about your upcoming position as a lead!
Juan Montes

Romulus, MI

Juan has been part of the crew for 1 year and 8 months now. He's gained valuable experience from various sites from Ohio to Missouri.

Juan has really shined everywhere he went. He is currently overseeing two crew members.

When we asked him what his favourite aspects of working with IMI are, he told us it's the opportunity to travel all across the US while constantly learning new skills. He continued to say, "I like that my job is different from day to day. I get to challenge myself and accomplish new things."

We're proud of you Juan! Keep up the great work - you are really creating a great path for yourself and we look forward to seeing you reach new heights along the way!
Cesar Morales

Oklahoma City, OK

Cesar has been with IMI since 2013. When we asked him what he likes most about his job, his positive response reflected the type of person he is, and why he was chosen as "Employee Of The Week".

He told us he enjoys every aspect of his job (when you're good at something, it shows) and that he feels like he's treated very well on site.

Cesar is trusted and very well respected by his crew members. His versatility enables him to be the point person on his site, and everyone agrees that he's a great leader and teacher.

Anytime he talks about his family he lights up. We know your family will be so proud to read this!

Thanks for your commitment to IMI, you're an amazing asset to our organization! Keep up the fantastic work!
Rafael Ramirez

West Deptford, NJ

Rafael has been working with IMI since March. He had previous knowledge of conveyer systems because of his last job, but when he started with us he surprised even himself, "When I started working with IMI, I already had a pretty good knowledge on what I was supposed to be doing, but I’m learning a lot of new things every single day!"

When we asked him about his favourite thing about working with IMI was, he told us, "I love that I have many hours every week. I’m really grateful to IMI for the opportunity they have provided me. I also love how involved the management team is, and how they encourage us to be better and keep learning new things every day. I will keep looking forward to working with such an incredible organization like IMI that really cares about their employees!"

Thank you for the compliments, Rafael! We are lucky to have such a hard working, genuine and enthusiastic team member like you!
Andres Placencia Jr.

Romulus, MI

Andres has been a dedicated IMI Crew Member for the past 5 years!

His hard work and leadership on the Romulus, MI site has landed him this week's acknowledgement. Not only is Andres a great Lead on his site, but he's also been an exemplary safety ambassador.

Thank you for always going above and beyond, Andres! We are very proud to have you on our team!
Jose Hernandez

Romulus, MI

Jose has been with the company for four years, working throughout several of our sites: Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Game Stop, and Khols.

He's worked hard and showed dedication throughout the years and he is now in charge of five crew members!

Jose demonstrates a love for teaching people new things so that everyone on site can be on the same page. When we asked him his favorite aspects of working with IMI, he told us he really enjoys the work environment and appreciates the learning opportunities that IMI provides.

Thank you Jose! We love hearing that and we look forward to growing with you!
Cliff Miller

West Deptford, NJ

Clifford has been working with IMI on-and-off for the last 5 years. He background is in mechanics - he even used to own an auto-repair shop. (We love hearing all the different walks of life stories when we talk to you!)

Cliff was recruited to IMI years ago by a member of his very own church! When he started he didn't have any direct experience, but once we took him through our training program, he was off to the races!

When we asked him what the best part of working for IMI is, he told us he enjoys the diversity of the workforce on his job site. "You get to meet people from all parts of the country and learn about each other’s walks of life."

He also loves how each day is a new blank canvas and enjoys learning and growing with each new challenge to create a work of art.

Your enthusiasm to learn and grow with IMI is genuinely treasured, Clifford! We're honored to have such a hardworking and reliable crew member! The future holds great things for you!
Theodore Donegan

West Deptford, NJ

Theodore has worked with us for a full year - from one of our impressive Amazon sites to his current exciting post with Cirque Du Soleil. Prior to joining our team, he worked with a company building custom closets.

When we asked Theodore what he liked most about working with IMI, he told us that it's learning all the different aspects of the jobs - that it gives him the chance to use his skills as well as learn new skills.

Theodore explained that working with people from different backgrounds has allowed him to better himself through exposure to positive work habits of his coworkers. He enjoys being able to help the team successfully complete each job.

"It's a great team environment! There are many opportunities that come with working for the company. The opportunity to be "employee of the week" has given me more motivation! It shows the appreciation of the company. I am very thankful for this opportunity and for being a part of such a great company."

We thank you, Theodore, for the kind words, and for your commitment and hard work! Keep it up, we look forward to seeing what's in store for you!
Peter Markey

West Deptford, NJ

Some of our jobs, like this particular one, are short contracts. But nonetheless, the bright stars always shine! It's relatively simple for our onsite supervisors to notice technicians with dedication, and who care for their work.

Peter is one of those guys. He's new to the crew, but his efforts were noticed in a big way. He told us, "Prior to working for IMI, I spent the last 15 years working as a carpenter, mostly in the disaster areas of New Orleans, LA and the South Shore of Long Island, NY."

Maybe his humility and hard work come from that background; Whatever it is, we see you and appreciate you! Thank you for your dedication and hard work!
Jorge Galian

Oklahoma City

Jorge came on with us in 2016 and has since worked on a few sites. What made Jorge stand out to his supervisor was his ability to learn quickly, and because of this, Jorge is currently being trained to be a Lead on his site.

He is a hard worker who is constantly striving to learn more (such as studying blueprints), and is now managing a small group of guys. He was very humble about being recognized and proudly wears his Employee of the Week t-shirt.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. We are so proud to have you a part of the IMI family!
Jorge Guerrero


Jorge has been with IMI since March 2017, working on several of our sites. In the last month, his site supervisor was impressed with his hard work as well as his eagerness to learn and gain more knowledge about conveyor work. He has been helping others with their work and showing many other great leadership qualities that we appreciate in a team member.

Jorge has proven himself to be a fast learner and a careful worker who listens well to feedback. We look forward to watching you grow with IMI, Jorge!
Carlos Martinez

Salt Lake City UT

Carlos has been on several IMI sites since January 2016 and has become a mentor to his team.

His kind and helpful demeanor caught the attention of his site supervisor.

"Carlos leads by example. He possesses that ability to lead others and is always eager to learn. He's hard working, friendly and a mentor to his crew."

Being originally from Georgia, Carlos' southern hospitality always shines through in everything he does. He expressed to one of our recruiters how much he really loves his job, even though he has to be away from his family, he is "truly grateful" to be a part of IMI.

Thank you Carlos, it is truly our pleasure to have you a part of our family!
Marco Juarez

Marco started with IMI in January 2016. He had been installing conveyor systems with another employer and heard about IMI on site by other employees who loved our company and applied to come on board with us.

He started out as an entry level installer but gradually flourished on site, and is now in a leadership role and answers directly to the site Foreman & Supervisor. He oversees between 5 and 20 guys daily, and he concentrates on training, mentoring, and overseeing quality control.

The site Supervisor reached out to us to let us know that Marco is an integral part of getting this job done, and they "couldn’t do it without him" and his other Leads on site.

While Marco's site supervisor noticed the potential in him, he created his own path by demonstrating an exceptional work ethic, and an eagerness to learn.

You can't teach work ethic, you just have it or you don’t. Marco has it. Now it's about teaching the teacher and helping him become an even stronger leader on site, and eventually moving him towards becoming a Foreman.

Marco, thank you for your dedication to IMI. We are all proud of you and appreciate your efforts. We look forward to helping you grow your career!

Jorge has proven himself to be a fast learner and a careful worker who listens well to feedback. We look forward to watching you grow with IMI, Jorge!