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IMI is the Leading Installer of Supply Chain Technology.


Delivering the
power of people.

IMI helps people get good jobs with the world's most progressive companies.

What does that mean? It means that we invest in people; in our employees, our candidates, and the clients we work with. It means that stability, security, happiness, and fulfillment are just as important to us as our bottom line.


Meet Rhonda, your AI virtual assistant
that is revolutionizing the landscape
of workforce management.

Where Rhonda differs from her human colleagues is automation. She can communicate with thousands of employees at once through SMS, email, or by phone in a multitude of languages.

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  • “There's a feeling of structure that you can't find in other templates — Stack has become my default template.”
    Jason Briggs
    Envato Customer
  • “Variant has been a massive plus for my workflow — I can now get live mockups out in a matter of hours, my clients really love it.”
    Rob Vasquez
    Interface Designer — Yoke
  • “We’ve been using Stack to prototype designs quickly and efficiently. Needless to say we’re hugely impressed by the style and value.”
    Maguerite Holland
    Interface Designer — Yoke
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