Terms & Conditions

Scholarship Terms & Conditions

  1. Only completed applications accompanied by all supporting documents will be considered. Applications are to be submitted to info@imipeople.com
  2. Scholarships are awarded based on the supporting material. Please check the eligibility requirements listed at
  3. Scholarships are limited in number, and subject to availability. Even if an applicant meets scholarship criteria, a scholarship may not be awarded.
  4. Applicants will be assessed by a panel according to the assessment criteria set out.
  5. Applicants may be requested to submit further information or conduct a phone/video interview.
  6. Scholarships are not transferable, and the recipient must pay the fees outlined in the offer letter within six weeks of the offer being made.
  7. If the scholarship recipient fails any subject during the program, the scholarship is forfeited, and the scholarship recipient is liable for the full tuition fees and costs of subsequent subjects.
  8. Scholarship recipients agree to become ambassadors of IMI or Kirk Mann scholarship undertaking, activities agreed as reasonable and acceptable by the scholarship recipient. This includes matters such as attending recruitment events; answering enquiries of prospective students; and contributing short articles and use of scholarship recipient’s images for newsletters and blogs.
  9. Scholarships are not available with any other discount or special pricing offer. IMI decisions in relation to scholarships are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.