Turnkey Solutions. IMI assembles and guides experienced installation teams to execute turnkey mechanical and electrical installation projects for the Supply Chain industry.

IMI technicians are seasoned professionals in the installation of an array of components such as dimensioning systems, sorters, conveyor systems (pallet, package, specialty, etc.)


Technology excites us. IMI partners with Supply Chain Technology OEMs to design and deliver turnkey subsystems that employ their products.

Armed with domain expertise and deep  product knowledge, our technicians support both integrators and OEM product manufacturers to install, commission, and conduct go-live testing as well as provide ongoing support across North America.


We believe in our people. We deliver highly qualified, on-demand installation resources to integrators and end users in the supply chain industry.

IMI draws on 20 years of specialized experience to provide reliable, available and qualified labor solutions to the supply chain and manufacturing sectors. With over 2,500 qualified technicians who are on active payroll at any given time, IMI is the largest mechanical installation resource company in North America.


Robotics is the future. IMI is actively partnering with industry-leaders within the manufacturing sector to leverage our installation expertise to cutting-edge technology solutions.

IMI’s service offerings are poised to expand to the seamless installation of robotics technology specific to picking, sorting and fulfillment of materials regardless of existing technology. That equates to a complete agnostic solution so limitations and timing are minimal.

Why Work With Us?

IMI is not a body shop. We don’t adhere to traditional staffing practices that treat employees (and clients) like a number, easily discarded when a project is complete.

Our engagement goes beyond the technicians in the field. Our approach is consultative and in depth, even before we draft our first SOW together: IMI is hands on with the inception of a new project.

To find out more about the solutions we can provide, please reach out to us!

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