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Your Workforce Management Solution.

IMI is a People Company. We excel in finding, deploying and managing specialized technicians in the manufacturing and supply chain industry.


Streamline your business processes. With innovative AI technology, we can find and manage talent quicker and better than any competitor.


Seamless onboarding processes make becoming an IMI technician simple and easy. Comprehensive internal training ensures an easy transition into the workplace.


Our powerful AI platform, Rhonda, maintains a continuous communication channel to all staff. Allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of your workers.


Companies are bringing new technology and machinery to market at a rapid pace. End-user adoption is important but the gap between installs, service and lifetime maintenance poses a significant problem. IMI tackles this issue by staying ahead of the curve with our pool of skilled tradespeople.

IMI partners have been challenged with the problem of component and technology installations for decades. With the current labor market shortage and demand for technical skill-sets, it’s even more of a challenge today. Thankfully, IMI has the experience to deliver on a number of fronts. Whether it’s installing new automation-based technology as part of rebuilds, remissions, or relocations, we can do it all.

Our mandate is to provide a completely agnostic and innovative Services Platform that incorporates various Automation technologies for our partners in the Logistics Industry.

We are applying our Automation Service model to different technology verticals besides Machine Vision and Smart Camera products, including Dimensioning Systems, Small Sorters, Bar Code Scanners, Robotics, AGV’s, IIoT Solutions & Conveyor Systems.

Material Handling

The material handling industry is innovating at a lightning speed. Thankfully, with IMI you do not need to worry about keeping up. Over a period of 20 years, IMI has formed partnerships with multiple Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, DHL, FedEx, Tesla and many more. IMI has always remained an expert in large-scale employment solutions in this sector.

The HR process can be tedious to say the least. Mix-in hard deadlines, multiple stakeholders and difficult locations. It’s fair to admit that you can use some help. In today’s constantly-innovating workplace, it makes sense to partner with a company that keeps up with the pace. IMI can take that weight off your shoulders.

IMI is a leading provider of workforce management and labor solutions to the material handling industry. We use automation and artificial intelligence to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your overall workforce and supply qualified, reliable labor when you need it.

IMI draws on 20 years of specialized experience to provide reliable,
available and qualified labor solutions to the material handling sector. Our clients demand qualified, reliable labor they can depend on to get the job done — and we deliver. IMI uses its own workforce and performance management platforms (Rhonda) to continually develop and maintain an unparalleled pool of proven, dependable employees.

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