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20 years ago, IMI was proudly founded by a woman. As Diana Cuttell excelled in a male-dominated industry, she empowered many women along the way.

Naturally, we wanted to honor her trailblazing energy by injecting it into our core values.

It’s our hope and vision to increase female representation in the material handling, trades, and automation fields.

One of our goals is to become a pillar of resources and support for women and men allies in trades from all over the world. In an effort to achieve our goals, we have created an internal IMI Women’s Empowerment Council which will support these efforts.

We invite you to join this platform where we will regularly share resources, support and initiatives to empower women in the workplace.

Resources That Empower, Evoke Inspiration and Provide a Soft Landing

On a regular basis we’ll add to, and expand this list of go-to’s that will help you find the trailblazer within, shatter stereotypes, excel in your own career goals, and help you live your best, balanced life.

IMI is committed to the safety and well-being of all its employees – this also includes your mental health. Through our benefits provider, Great-West Life, you can avail of many services to assist with any mental health concerns. This is provided to you free of charge on behalf of IMI.

Attached is an outline of the services available. Please use these programs as you feel necessary.

You can seek help 24/7 by any of the following methods:

United States
Visit: encompass.us.com

Website: www.worklifehealth.com
Phone: 1-800-387-4765
Mobile app: “My EAP”

*For passwords, questions, or concerns, email us info@imipeople.com

“Shine On With Reese” [Netflix]

“Hello Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea” [Netflix]

“Maya Angelou, And Still I Rise” [Netflix]

“She Did That” [Netflix] https://www.netflix.com/ca/title/81194454

“The Goddess Project” https://www.thegoddessproject.com/

“We Should All Be Feminists” https://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_ngozi_adichie_we_should_all_be_feminists [TED Talk]

“Why we have too few women leaders” https://www.ted.com/talks/sheryl_sandberg_why_we_have_too_few_women_leaders [TED Talk]

‘This tennis icon paved the way for women in sports’ https://www.ted.com/talks/billie_jean_king_this_tennis_icon_paved_the_way_for_women_in_sports [TED Talk]

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